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February 2, 2012

Clarified butter is awesome

I tend to cook with olive/coconut/walnut oil or bacon fat. I never liked cooking with butter because it would always end up burning or make things taste too buttery. Well I made clarified butter for baking and hollandaise sauce, then I realized that it wouldn’t burn at higher temps due to the removal of dairy solids. I felt stupid for not having thought of this sooner. Clarified butter also has a much milder, yet still buttery flavor.┬áSteak and veggies were both waaaay tastier with clarified butter!

It’s super simple to make clarified butter/ghee. Take unsalted pastured butter and bring it to a simmer in a saucepan. You’ll see the white dairy solids and foam (from the water in the butter) come to the top. Continuously skim them off with a spoon or ladle until all you have left is clear, golden butterfat.

It will be solid and look like regular butter when it cools.

I have been using it to cook my steak and veggies! It really brought out the delicious flavor of my grassfed beef and my veggies tasted richer. I’m still doing most of my cooking with coconut or olive oil, but this is a nice alternative to have on hand. Eggs were pretty good fried in clarified butter as well.

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