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May 13, 2011

Lots of fish and birthday cake (not together!)

I turned 24 on Wednesday! Since this was my birthday week, I’ve eaten out a bunch and also had several slices of birthday cake, as well as a cupcake or two.

Eating paleo, my sugar intake has been greatly reduced. I used to eat cakes, cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, etc. every single day. I had a massive sweet tooth. I lost my addiction to sugary baked goods when I went paleo and stopped eating them. The first few bites of cake these days are overwhelmingly sweet. My mouth feels like it’s burning from how sweet it is. But if I keep eating, it starts to taste better and better. One sizable slice of cake later, I went to sleep and woke up with a massive craving for more cake. And since I make it a point not to deny myself anything I really want, I gave in. Only to regret it the entire rest of the day from feeling nauseous and having a headache. Is it worth getting sick for some birthday cake? Not really, but I still want cake on my birthdays. Just one small slice next time.

The theme for eating out this week seems to be fish!

Swordfish – Redhook Brewery
Can it get less paleo than a brewery full of beer and standard bar food? But I had no trouble at all finding something paleo-friendly on the menu at Redhook. I chose the swordfish entree: “Grilled swordfish topped with pineapple salsa and served with vegetable rice pilaf and broccoli. Gluten free!.” I asked for no rice and extra broccoli. It was a great light lunch!

Halibut – Mariposa at Neiman Marcus
I shopped for close to 6 hours yesterday with my mom. There really wasn’t much out there that I liked, but I did pick up a few things. We took a lunch break at the little restaurant inside Neiman Marcus. I chose the halibut entree which was labeled as gluten free and a healthy choice. It was halibut with broccolini, carrots, and red bell peppers in a broth with some noodles. The halibut was perfectly cooked. I didn’t eat the noodles.

Sashimi – Kisaku
I could eat sushi every day. I love it. I am admittedly a sushi snob who only really eats at three places from three chefs. Luckily, I can still eat a lot of sushi and still be paleo. I just switched from omakase nigiri to omakase sashimi. But I still sneak in a few of my favorite nigiri here and there.