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June 3, 2011

Hello sunshine!!

My fast did not last 24 hours as planned, more like 18, which was enough for me to feel better. It’s really hard to continue fasting while out with friends. The ones who understand feel bad about eating while you’re getting refill after refill of water. The ones who don’t understand ask too many questions, suspect you of having an eating disorder, or tell you how terrible it is for your metabolism. Right.

Anyway, I’ve been hanging out in Seattle a lot lately, which means I have been eating out a lot too. I really miss living on my own in Seattle, but my current living situation is what’s ideal for my birds.

Pollo Cuban Roast Pork Salad w/caramelized onionsPaseo
You may remember from my previous post how excited I was to find a way to eat paleo at Paseo. Last time I got a Cuban Roast Plato and took out the corn, beans, and rice. This time when I asked for just the Cuban Roast pork and the salad, they told me I could do the Pollo Salad – “Grilled & basted chicken breast carved atop a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, sliced purple cabbage, pickled shoestring beets, fresh sprigs of cilantro & drizzled w/ our house vinaigrette & extra virgin olive oil” – and just substitute the pork. This ended up being about $5 cheaper than ordering the plato for the same amount of food. I also remembered to ask for a side of onions and added them to my salad. AMAAAZING!!! I have a love affair going with those onions.


The Salmon House Carpaccio TrioIvar’s Salmon House
Ivar’s Salmon House has a great happy hour that goes from 3pm to close. Well, it used to be great before my conversion to paleo. Now it is awful. Not a single thing on the happy hour menu is paleo-friendly. Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing at least has seared ahi on their happy hour menu. So I had to look to the regular dinner menu, which has lots of paleo options. I wanted to stay close to happy hour prices so I just ordered the salmon carpaccio appetizer – “Made in house. Thin slices of King, Coho and Sockeye salmon drizzled with a blood orange vinaigrette. Served with wild greens and fresh orange segments.” Let me get all snobby foodie on this dish now: I love the flavor of raw salmon as is, but sometimes a sauce or vinaigrette can add to the flavor in a good way. This was not one of those times. But the blood orange vinaigrette was awesome with the greens. I think having actual blood orange segments rather than navel orange segments would have been better, I wanted it a little more tart. The salmon didn’t get to shine – it was a raw salmon salad, not a salmon carpaccio. Speaking of carpaccio, I’m now having a massive craving for beef carpaccio at 9:30am.


Tandoori ComboIndia Bistro
Unlike Thai curries which have a coconut milk/cream base, Indian curries contain yogurt. But don’t despair, there’s a tandoori section full of grilled meat marinated in delicious Indian spices! I couldn’t choose from all the options so I went with the “combination of tandoor chicken, lamb, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, fish, and prawns cooked in the tandoor.” I asked if I could have veggies instead of the basmati rice, which the server said was no problem. But they must have forgot because I never received my veggies. It was a blessing in disguise. There was no way I could finish all this meat AND veggies.



Today is a beautiful day! Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be even better with temperatures in the mid-70s!!! This means I will be skydiving ALL weekend!!! So excited! It has been way too long since my last jump with all this crappy weather we’ve been having. BLUE SKIES!!!

May 2, 2011

A short trip to CA

I was in the bay area Thurs-Sat getting two hours of tunnel time at iFly SFBay! I had so much fun and can’t wait to go back next month for more time. Let’s just say that eating paleo while on a trip with several non-paleo friends is difficult, but not impossible. Thankfully they are patient and understanding when I order food!

“Mexican” food

The first night I was there, we ate at Chevy’s, a tex-mex restaurant. I ordered the carnitas fajita. The menu description: “Build your own fajitas, one steamy, soft El Machino tortilla at a time. Served with saut√©ed San Antonio veggies, Fresh Mex rice, fresh guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, our signature sweet corn tamalito and refried beans.” “Carnitas-Great new recipe! – Tender, marinated pork slow-roasted with fresh oranges, lemons, garlic, and cilantro.” I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the carnitas fajita with no tortillas, no rice, no sour cream, no sweet corn tamalito, and no beans.

I ended up having a chicken fajita for lunch one day from a fast casual burrito place. No pic. Mexican restaurants are great for paleo eaters. You can get fajitas without all the non-paleo stuff. Carne asada is awesome too.

Indian food

I love Indian lunch buffets. Unfortunately, most Indian curries contain dairy (yogurt, cream, butter). When I can’t be fully paleo, I try to stay at least primal and that’s what I managed to do eating Indian. If I had ordered food, I would have been able to pick something paleo, but with the buffet I did the best I could. It was easy to avoid the rice, but the naan at the table took some effort. I love naan (especially garlic naan) with mint and tamarind chutney, but I didn’t eat any.


I had been to CA numerous times without ever having tried In-N-Out. I dislike fast food and haven’t really eaten it in 10+ years. My friends insisted that I must try In-N-Out and that they have a protein style option that uses lettuce instead of buns. So I ordered one protein style hamburger with extra tomatoes. Pretty sure that the sauce wasn’t paleo, but whatever. It was surprisingly good for such a simple hamburger! I was surprised that I didn’t miss cheese or the bun. The veggies were fresh and the patty was pretty flavorful. I’ll have to make some of my own protein style burgers at home!

We also had a bbq at a friend’s house. I wasn’t able to find grassfed steak at the grocery store we went to, but it was nice being able to choose my own meat and veggies to grill while traveling. Staying paleo while traveling is hard and while I didn’t fail completely for my main meals, I definitely had some ice cream, some scone , and some alcohol during the trip. What I missed most about home was my refrigerator FULL of various organic veggies!

I will be eating out a lot more during May since it is my birthday month. So expect lots of posts on eating out. Substituting is easy in casual restaurants. Fine dining is another story.

I definitely prefer cooking at home to eating out since I have total control and can feel good about what I’m making and eating. Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Seattle. I had to skip skydiving due to bad allergies, but I managed to grill some baby back ribs on our deck. I should find a paleo bbq sauce recipe!

Have an fantastic monday!! Today I’m going to hot yoga, skating, and getting a much needed haircut.