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July 30, 2011

My rest day full of carbs

I’ve been so busy and so active this past week, I needed a full day of rest yesterday. I woke up at 5:45 thinking I would go to hot yoga at 6:30, but decided to go back to sleep. I was there less than 12 hours before anyway. I could have gone to the 9:30 class, but I had already started eating and I hate doing Bikram yoga right after eating.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I went trail running near my house on Thursday. I walked a mile to the trail (hate running on pavement) and ran about 2 miles on trail. You know what I felt while sprinting along the soft trail? Joy. Absolute joy. And I smiled as I ran faster and faster. The blue skies and the sunshine poking through the trees was a nice touch. I love that in my own neighborhood, there’s a little stream and a forest of trees for me to feel removed from civilization (nicely maintained trail aside) and completely at peace with the world for a little while. It was hot out though, since I went around 3pm. I was sweaty and started feeling nauseous from the heat. Of course I went to hot yoga an hour later for more heat… I think Bikram heat is different though, it’s more soothing than it is uncomfortable, maybe because I have a different mindset in the studio. I’ve mentioned going hiking/trail running, climbing, to Crossfit, and to hot yoga all week. So yes, rest was definitely needed.

It’s funny how I have to remind myself to rest. I always have so much energy. I enjoy the feeling of soreness because it means I pushed myself a little further. But my recovery times are astounding and I can always do more the next day. But allowing yourself to rest is so important! While I felt fine physically, I think I was exhausted since I ended up sleeping a lot.

My eating habits can be terrible on my rest days. Ok, maybe not so terrible compared to the general population, but terrible for me. I never cook or eat out on my rest days, I’m too lazy. So I eat whatever is available at home that requires zero cooking and is instantly edible. This usually isn’t a problem when I have plenty of paleo snacks at hand, but I’ve been slacking with the grocery shopping lately. They should have a paleo food delivery service!

So my mom makes these rice cakes out of sweet rice flour (mochiko), dried fruit (mangos, apricots, raisins), nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans), water, and a bit of sea salt. It’s not processed, it’s not unhealthy, and besides the sweet rice, the rest of the ingredients are paleo. The problem is that I can’t stop at one. For some reason, it’s like crack to me. Even though it makes me super full, I can’t stop eating them! Very carby, sugary, high calorie… mmm. I’ve asked her to stop making them while I recover from my rest day of overeating rice cakes. I ate 5 of them, that’s like 2lbs of rice cakes…

Do I stop there? No. I found strawberry ice cream in the fridge! So I had some of that too. At least it was all natural? Look at me justifying my non-paleo indulgences. I did go shopping later in the day and bought more Coconut Bliss…which I promptly consumed…hehe.

Then there were the peaches. I binge on fruit. It’s out of control. It has always been out of control. Remember my sweet tooth? My sweet tooth doesn’t discriminate between fruit sugar and dessert sugar. It loves it all. I ate 3 large peaches today. I would have eaten more had I discovered them earlier in the day/before the rice cakes.

So what’s missing from my diet yesterday?? MEAT. Specifically, fat and protein. In just one day, you can see how the lack of meat messed with my appetite and how I still wanted to keep eating even though I was full enough to burst. It’s ridiculous. I have elk steak and eggs for breakfast and I stop eating and feel satiated for 4 hours with plenty of energy. I eat rice cakes, ice cream, and fruit and I just don’t stop eating all day while having to nap in between. I also noticed that I am suuuuper thirsty when I eat a lot of sugar/carbs. I had two coconut waters plus several glasses of water and I’m still thirsty! I can just feel my body retaining all that water. Oops!

Between all my eating and sleeping, I managed to soak up some sun by the pool at my friend’s apt complex. I don’t know how people tan on a regular basis. It’s so, so, SOOOO boring. I cannot stay still for the life of me. But I tried, I needed the vitamin D and there’s no better UV protection than your own melanin. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any darker though. I glow in the dark, I’m so pale. These pics make me look normal colored because of the shadows. I’m really not, I even blind myself when I don’t have sunglasses on.



I’m soo glad my rest day is over. I really need to stop being so lazy and lax about food on rest days so that I don’t end up feeling so lethargic. Well I’m off to go hiking/trail running! 7.2 miles round trip with a 2000ft elevation gain. YAY!

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July 28, 2011

Ginseng chicken soup

I never really researched what exactly Panax ginseng, or Asian (Korean/Chinese) ginseng does for you. I just believed my mom, grandma, and the wisdom of all my Korean ancestors that ginseng is super good for you in various ways. I’ve had to drink ginseng tea (refrigerated – tastes bad enough cold, worse when hot) pretty much my whole life (like one month out of every year) because my mom thinks I have bad circulation since I’m always cold. Actually, I do have low blood pressure at about <100/~50. She says ginseng is great for blood pressure. I have no idea if the ginseng tea works, but right now my hands and feet aren't cold (they usually are)? My mom has always said ginseng is good for stamina and the immune system as well. It may also lower blood glucose.

I finally did poke around a little online (starting here) and found little scientific research to back up various claims for the wonders of ginseng. However, who am I going to trust? Several thousands of years of Chinese/Korean medicine and anecdotal evidence or modern medicine’s limited research? So I will keep drinking my ginseng tea and eating ginseng infused foods. Possible benefits are enormous, possible negative consequences are at about zero.

Korean ginseng chicken soup
I have no idea what to call it in English, but in Korean it’s called samgaetang. A whole chicken (small) is boiled in a pot of water with pieces of ginseng, whole garlic gloves, and “dechu” (some sort of dried date) for about 2 hours until the chicken is cooked through. The chicken is stuffed with sweet rice. My mom used a free range chicken and left out the dechu at my request. I of course didn’t eat the rice. But I ate pretty much the entire chicken breast and a leg (what, it was a small chicken!) with some young radish kimchi. I had the broth on the side. I like the mild flavors and to me, it tastes a tiny bit medicinal because of the ginseng. Unlike regular/American chicken soup, it’s not salty at all and might actually do something to help you feel better when sick by boosting your immune system, rather than just filling you up with noodles and making you more sick.




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July 28, 2011

Steak and eggs

I feel super lazy today. I went climbing yesterday, but didn’t do too much because I wanted to save everything for Crossfit this morning. Except I didn’t make it… I slept in! I suppose I can go to an afternoon session, but I’m never as motivated in the afternoons. Maybe I’ll skate and do hot yoga today. I feel obligated to exercise these days because I have so much energy. I can’t sit still anymore!

Elk Steak and Eggs
I always thought that steak and eggs were a strange breakfast, so I had never tried it. Why would anyone want steak for breakfast? But I had a small elk steak and eggs and not much else in the fridge for breakfast. My life just changed. I love steak with over easy eggs so that I can dip the steak in the egg yolk! This kept me feeling satiated for at least 4 hours.



Steak Tartare Café Presse, Seattle
After climbing, I volunteered for a couple hours and had a half hour break before I had to go to an HIV 101 class mandatory for all volunteers. So I speed walked over to this little French cafe for some quick food. What is quicker than something that requires no cooking? I ordered the steak tartare – “Raw, hand-chopped and seasoned NW Grass Fed sirloin and hanger steak, fried potatoes, watercress salad.” Local grass fed steak tartare?!? YES!!! I skipped the potatoes and asked for extra salad instead. The server didn’t know if it was possible to get extra salad, but he said he’d try, so I’m not sure if I did get any extra salad. I had been craving steak tartare all week so this was perfect. However, I could have really used a nice over easy egg with it, or at least an egg yolk on the tartare. It was also pretty salty because of the capers. Now, are capers even paleo? There seems to be debate on that.


July 26, 2011

Being busy means less cooking, more eating out

This is turning out to be a pretty busy week combining activities, friends, and volunteer work. One of my best friends decided that she wants to live a healthier life without the prescription drugs for her auto-immune condition. So she is combining juicing with a paleo diet. Personally, I think juicing is overrated and usually leads to over-consumption of sugar (from all the fruit), but different things work for different people. She is also “shadowing” me and going to every workout/activity that I do this week. My other friend said, “I can’t believe she’s going from zero to Jeanna in a week… she’s going to die.” Haha.

It’s important to keep in mind that I was eating paleo for several months before I gradually added exercise back into my life. Now I am literally in the best shape of my life and feel absolutely amazing. I am in complete awe of how my body is responding to everything that I put it through. I can SEE improvement every single time I do something. Bouldering on Monday, I was able to get past the crux of a V3 I’ve been struggling with for the last week! I was SO excited. After only 3 hours of sleep, I somehow managed to get to Crossfit at 6am on Tuesday. The WOD was 5 rounds of 5 Dead lifts (95#) and 10 burpees after a warmup that included handstands, pushups, situps, and shoulder presses. I finished the WOD in under 6min, yay! Later that afternoon, I went to hot yoga and had my best class yet! I could never touch my forehead to my knee on some of the compression poses, but all of a sudden yesterday, there it was! My forehead. On my knee. Awesome. More bouldering today! I hope my friend is up for day 3! 🙂

I’ve been eating out a lot lately since I haven’t been home enough to really cook for myself. I think more and more of my friends are starting to try eating paleo or at least are very understanding of my choice to eat that way. I no longer feel like a social outcast because of my lifestyle! Not that I was ever casted out, it was my own personal choice.


Happy Hour at Peso’s Kitchen and Lounge in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood is amazing. So many food options for $4-6 each! And everything I’ve ever tried there has been super tasty! They claim to be the most visited HH in Seattle. I believe it, it was packed on late sunday night! The pictures are pretty bad, it was really dark and I had to use the flash.

My HH buddy and I ordered four plates to share. The Chevre-Stuffed Jalapeños wrapped in bacon are not pictured, but they were amazing!

5 Chile Seared Prawns
w/ Mango-Habanero Marmalade
ancho, gaujillo, New Mexico, de Arbol chiles
These were pretty spicy, but the mango came through to help with the heat. Delicious!

I couldn’t find this on the online menu, but I’m pretty sure it was rockfish and halibut ceviche. I love ceviche so much, but I find that it’s only good 50% of the time. This would fall under the good 50%. I did not eat the the little tortilla thing underneath the ceviche. I nibbled on it and blegh, oily corn crisps are not for me.

Ahi Tuna Tartare
Not sure what exactly was in it anymore since the online menu doesn’t have this one either, but it was delicious too! I love tartares. Raw fish is good, but raw steak tartares are even better with the egg yolk on top.



Modified Greek HoboVoulas Offshore Cafe, Seattle
Post-Crossfit breakfast! YUM. The Greek Hobo is “Greek sausage, onions, mushrooms, hash browns, and eggs
scrambled together and topped with Feta cheese.” I asked for no hash browns and no cheese while adding tomatoes. Voulas usually gives you gigantic plates of food, but without the hashbrowns or toast, it was a much more reasonably sized plate of food that I could actually finish. The Greek sausage is awesome! I wonder what’s in it though…



Holy BasilRacha Thai Cuisine, Woodinville
I usually don’t like to eat after hot yoga, but my friend and I went next door for some dinner. “Racha stir-fries are cooked quickly over high heat in heated Canola oil seasoned with seared garlic.” “Oyster mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, fresh minced red chilies & fresh Thai Holy basil.” I ordered mine with chicken, which was super tender. The only non-paleo part of this would be the canola oil, but I could live with that. This tasted super fresh, clean, and was full of flavor from the chilies and basil! I would definitely eat it again.


July 25, 2011

Elk steaks and trail running

On Saturday I went hiking with a friend and his sister’s two Siberian huskies to Wallace Falls. It was about 5.5 miles round trip. I like hiking, but I like trail running more. I’m not patient enough to enjoy the scenery at a slow pace, I want to get to whatever the main attraction is asap. So my hikes always turn into trail runs! I LOVE trail running, especially compared to running on pavement or on a treadmill (waste of time!). I love the softer surface of dirt, the varied terrain, the elevation gain, and the agility needed to maneuver around any tripping hazards. I’m actually pretty clumsy until you get me on a trail! It’s super fun for me. I wore my Vibrams and am even more in love with them. I love being able to feel the ground and how my foot reacts to the different surfaces and angles. I felt so much more secure running up steeper parts of the trail and I loved how light they were on my feet, like I wasn’t even wearing shoes! I ended up taking both the dogs because my friend had a bad knee and was too slow for me. Funny thing is, I had so much energy that I ended up pushing the dogs a lot (with my hands on their bums) on the way up. They decided to run on the way down and so I was running down hill while pulling them back. What a workout!! Because of where the dogs were in front of me, it was really hard to see where I was going, so my run wasn’t as efficient. I ended up being pulled to land really hard on a root with the middle of my left foot. 10 hours later, it hurt really bad. I could barely sleep because it was cramping up so badly! The next morning I couldn’t even walk on it, but I went to Bikram anyway… and guess what? It was 100% normal afterwards! Hot yoga is miraculous!!!

The trail follows the river for the first mile or so. The dogs enjoyed dipping into the water.


I took along almonds and clementines as snacks, along with lots of water and coconut water. I would have loved to have some jerky or prosciutto too! Not sure if you can see very well in this pic, but there are callouses forming on my hands from climbing and crossfit.


The upper falls!


The middle falls were much more spectacular.




Elk Round Steaks

When I got home, I made myself elk steaks! Look at how dark and lean the meat is! I really enjoy the flavor of elk. It’s mildly gamey and tender if you cook it right. I sear both sides on a cast iron pan and stick it in a 400 degree oven for only about 2 minutes for perfect medium rare steaks. These steaks were pretty thin and they cook much faster because of the lack of fat. I seasoned them with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and Italian seasonings.




While the steaks were good plain, I couldn’t help but make the balsamic vinegar, chicken broth and shallots sauce that I first mentioned in this previous post. This time I added some garlic to it. SOOOO GOOD. I would have loved mushrooms with this. I have more ideas for the rest of the elk meat I have. I think a huckleberry sauce with mushrooms would be awesome with it! 20110725-015057.jpg



I’m definitely going to be trail running every saturday morning from now on!  5-10 miles with plenty of elevation gain. I love being outdoors in the fresh air amongst all the trees I love so much. 🙂



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July 22, 2011

A peachy summer day

My Bikram instructor says a lot of awesomely wise things in the 90 minutes. I’m always so focused on my poses that I can never exactly remember them afterwards, but I always mull over them for a moment. This morning was no different. She said that we would all be beginners forever. I strive to be of at least intermediate proficiency in everything I do, so of course being a beginner forever would bother me. I’ve been seeing significant progress in my yoga practice and I get more addicted with every class. She also said something about devoting oneself to yoga. Well maybe I’m devoted, not addicted. Addiction has a negative connotation, devotion sounds much better and gives an idea of the passion I have for all my favorite activities.

I find that going to yoga in the morning sets the pattern for the rest of the day. I eat better, I drink more water, I am more relaxed, and I just feel happier with myself.

Today actually felt like summer! While the rest of the country seems to be burning up, we’re at least 2 months behind schedule with our weather. I always look forward to peaches in the summer. Back in the day I would be busy making peach cobbler (I would eat the whole pan by myself on a regular basis), but not this year! I’m eating my peaches fresh and using them for paleo cooking purposes. Ooh maybe I can make a paleo peach cobbler!

Roasted pork shoulder with peaches
Remember the pork chops w/peaches from this post? Thank you Krisanne for introducing me to this fabulous dish and giving me the recipe. I decided to try it out for myself for lunch today. I did not have pork chops, so I just sliced the pork shoulder I had in approximately 1 inch slices. I pretty much followed the recipe, but added zucchini and carrots. I think celery would have been great with it as well. The addition of the other veggies resulted in a slightly more watery sauce, but I loved the extra color and texture. I used both yellow and white peaches. I dislike white peaches because they lack the tartness I look for in fruit. I got the yellow peach from Pike Place Market and it was hands down the best peach I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t organic and I am a bit neurotic about pesticides in peaches so I peeled the yellow peach. The white peaches were organic so I left the peel on those.



Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut
Sunny day calls for frozen treats! I talk about it more in this previous post. I can’t stop myself from eating the whole pint if I eat straight out of the container. So I’ve started scooping out exactly one serving (1/2 cup). It’s crazy how small one serving really is. Maybe I should get smaller bowls to give myself the illusion of eating more of this super delicious ice cream alternative.


Butternut squash fries
Yes, I realize that butternut squash is not summery at all. I eat way more butternut squash when they’re in season and local. But I love butternut squash so much that I can’t help but get some when I see them at the grocery store. I baked more fries today and experimented with cinnamon and coriander as seasonings. Coriander wasn’t good, what was I thinking? Luckily those were only 3 of the fries. Half of them were sprinkled with cinnamon, which I really enjoyed, but I think plain sea salt ones are still my favorite.

I’m going hiking tomorrow morning! Woohoo!

July 20, 2011

More paleo Korean food

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been super lazy! I messed up my lower back during my 8 hours of trying to get comfortable at the airport. I went to Bikram on Tuesday and realized that I wasn’t actually injured. I had full flexibility and range of motion without pain – heat is amazing for loosening up everything. I felt so much better… which is why I decided to go climbing afterwards. Dumb, because it just clenched up again. I usually think of climbing as an arms and legs thing, but it’s really a whole body activity. I learned that hot yoga should always be done after strenuous activity, not before. Luckily, I had a very nice person crack my neck and back for me yesterday and I am feeling much better. I haven’t been cooking and I have very little food to post here. I was also showing someone around Seattle and ended up not being as paleo as usual, which probably contributes to my overall lethargy.

Have I mentioned how much I love having dinner with paleo friends? Last night was no exception with more than half the table being paleo. The server caught on that none of us ate mashed potatoes and wanted extra veggies instead with our steak. I loved all the conversations we had about food and health! While it’s always nice to debate with vegetarians, vegans, and SADers, it’s wonderful to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded eaters. They suggested that I should try to meet Robb Wolf (whom they know personally) in person the next time I’m in the bay area. That would be awesome!

Paleo or not, I’m lucky to have some truly amazing and inspirational people in my life. But then again, how many mediocre people do you know once you actually know them? I’m starting to think that everyone is a potential future friend.

Anyway, I had lots of simple Korean food this week!

Beef knuckle bone(?) broth
I no longer require salt for my broths – just black pepper, green onion, and minced garlic. I think it’s important to try and eat as much of an animal as possible instead of just the muscle. Not only to minimize waste, but for all the nutrients as well. The lumps you see are bits of fat, meat, and cartilage.



Pan fried pork and kimchi
At Korean BBQ places there is always pork belly slices on the menu. I personally prefer sliced pork shoulder because it’s more meaty and less fatty. I just cooked the pork slices in a frying pan along with some garlic. When the pork fat started collecting in the pan, I just added some kimchi. Kimchi is best eaten uncooked so you can get the healthy bacteria, but I like the flavor of cooked kimchi. I wrap everything up in red leaf lettuce as I eat.




I’m planning on cooking a whole bunch this next week, so I’ll be posting more often again. My friend gave me elk round steaks and ground elk that his friend hunted. Yum! I’m also starting MMA classes as soon as my back is back to normal! That should be interesting!

July 16, 2011

Airport eats and paleo friends

My fourth trip to the bay area for tunnel time was my most successful yet! Not only did I see a lot of progress in my flying, I also stayed at least 90% paleo! My Vibrams were awesome for tunnel flying! I’m so in love with those shoes. I just got home from the longest day at the Oakland airport (got there really early, couldn’t get an earlier flight, my flight was 2 hours delayed) so this will be a quick food post and I will talk about the rest of the trip later.


Cajun RockfishAnthony’s, Seatac airport
Actually, I don’t really remember what it was called on the menu. Since my flight out of Seattle was delayed over an hour (surprise surprise, I was flying Southwest), I decided to eat at Anthony’s, which is a local seafood restaurant chain. I ordered wild rockfish from the fresh fish section of the menu. It was covered in cajun spices and came with a pineapple salsa. The sides were supposed to be rice and broccoli, but I asked for extra broccoli without the rice. This was the best airport food I’ve ever had!! Healthy and filling at less than $20! Crazy! Further down this post you will see how awful OAK is compared to SEA in terms of food choices.



Ribs, chicken, tri-tip lunch comboJon Jon’s BBQ, San Jose, CA
Between my tunnel sessions on Thursday, I met up with a friend who took me to this little BBQ joint in San Jose. It smelled amazing, thanks to this huge smoker out front!


It’s a pretty limited menu that serves about four kinds of meat with sides of baked beans and potato salad. I picked the lunch combo that would allow me to sample a bit of the baby back ribs, chicken, and tri tip beef and omitted the sides. I wish I had asked for BBQ sauce on the side as well, I didn’t realize they would pour so much on top of the meat. I scraped most of it off as it was too sweet for me and definitely didn’t taste paleo (I think there was corn syrup in it). The meat itself was sooo tender! They don’t have any veggies whatsoever on their menu, so this was a meat only meal for me. As much as I like meat, I need at least an equal amount of veggies to be completely happy.



Veggie Buffet at Fresh Choice

I ate here on my last trip and was a little disappointed in the lack of meat, but impressed with all the veggies offered. Well after my meat only meal, I was SUPER happy to stuff my face with fresh veggies!!!



By Friday I was sleep deprived  and hungry. I snacked on prosciutto and coconut water after my morning tunnel session and had lunch at an Indian buffet. I ate a little bit of rice and dairy-based curry, but there were several paleo-friendly options like chicken tikka and veggies for me. I eat gluten-free if I can’t eat paleo; rice and dairy doesn’t seem to affect my body, but I try to avoid them anyway.

My fellow paleo/primal eating skydiver friend Krisanne invited me over for an AMAAAZING paleo dinner on Friday! I love eating with paleo friends. Food is meant to be shared and meals with paleo friends are the best!! Everything was DELICIOUS and I was so happy to have a healthy, home cooked meal while on my trip. It can be stressful to find paleo-friendly food options while traveling, so I was grateful for this wonderful meal with such wonderful company. Her cat Franklin is so cute. He had the tiniest, squeakiest meow I’ve ever heard! Check out all this beautiful food!!!

Strawberry cucumber salad 
I love when my food is colorful! This was so fresh with the perfect amount of crunch from the red onions and cucumbers while the strawberries lent a tart sweetness. There was also fresh basil in it! And isn’t her teak table awesome?


Roasted Pork Chops and Peaches
I love the use of fruit in pork dishes and this was no exception. I had seconds! The pork itself was super high quality and it was just a beautiful, tasty plate of food. The picture doesn’t do it justice! I will definitely be making this for myself at home now that I have the recipe. Krisanne of course skipped the couscous. She said she used red wine vinegar since she didn’t have white. I’ll probably also use red. She also mentioned that the recipe works just as well with nectarines and plums. The fresh basil leaves are a must!


Mangoes w/salt, chili powder, and lime juice
Dessert! Apparently this is a common way to eat mangos in certain parts of Latin America? I don’t know, but it was good. Like Sean said, the flavor of the mango opens up with the addition of the salt, chili powder, and lime juice. It was interesting! I only ever have my mangos plain, so the extra flavor was well, interesting. Not sure what other word to use! I always eat my fruit plain, but since having that pineapple with cinnamon at the Brazilian place and now this chili mango, I’m thinking spices can go well with fruit!



Airports are generally full of fast food. While Seatac has some better options, Terminal 2 at Oakland is awful. AWFUL. In my 8 hours at the airport, I barely ate anything because I just could not bring myself to eat SAD food despite being hungry and tired. Vino Volo the best I could find at OAK after walking around and reading every menu. I had the small plates of Artisan Cured Meats and Roasted Chicken Breast Salad without dressing. One piece of prosciutto, two slices of salami, and 2 slices of coppa with stone ground mustard and tiny pickles for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. And artisan?! Ha! I know my cured meat, that was definitely not worth $8. The salad was $6 and pretty good with the pine nuts, dried cranberries, and goat cheese. Though it was overpriced (what isn’t overpriced at the airport?), I felt really good about eating the best possible choices available in the entire terminal.




I’m beyond excited for hot yoga tomorrow morning!!! This body really needs it. And I’m never flying Southwest again. They reel you in with their low fares, but they steal hours of your time and stress you out like no other. I’m sticking with Virgin and Alaskan for my flights to CA now!

July 13, 2011

I love my Vibram Fivefingers Treksports!!!

As much as I love all my beautiful shoes, mostly with 4 inch heels, they don’t get nearly as much wear as my “ugly” shoes. Fall/Winter I like my Uggs. Spring/Summer I’m all about my Keen sandals. And yes, like the PNWer I am, I even wear socks with them when I feel like it.

And now, I’m the proud, unashamed owner of THE UGLIEST shoes that have ever been on my feet: Vibram Fivefingers TrekSport. Of course I had to get a bright blue and grey pair (that happen to match my skydiving gear…haha). They didn’t have black in this model at REI, or I would have gone with black in an attempt to be more inconspicuous.


I mean they are really, awfully, offensively ugly. But I LOVE THEM. LOVE. My love for these shoes is infinite. Especially after working out in them for the first time yesterday. They are PERFECT for Crossfit. I love the way they let your feet work with you instead of against you while lifting and squatting! And while running! My feet are so happy while running, especially as I get tired. Not only are feather light, but I run much more efficiently in them. I’m not going to explain all the benefits of being barefoot and barefoot running since you can just google that, but in these shoes, you definitely feel all of your feet. I have super sensitive feet and can’t really walk around barefoot outside, but the soles of these shoes make my feet happy. My feet are cushioned and protected while still being able to “feel” and “grab” the ground. I’m never working out in sneakers again! I can’t recommend them enough.

I “graduated” from my on ramp classes yesterday and will be joining the WOD classes next week. I’m definitely ready, the workouts were getting way too easy. I haven’t been sore since after the first class. I don’t feel like I worked hard enough unless I experience DOMS. After all, being sore means you’re getting stronger!

After Crossfit I stopped by Whole Foods for breakfast before going to my volunteer job. I felt a little silly being out and about in my Vibrams, but they’re just so comfy, you forget you’re wearing shoes at all. They also attract a lot of attention and people definitely ask about them. I think the electric blue probably has something to do with it. I helped myself to their amazing salad bar for breakfast because their breakfast bar is awful for paleo eaters, there’s butter and cream in everything. Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, artichokes, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, celery, chicken, almonds, and dried cranberries with a tiny sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. I also got some prosciutto as a snack.


I took the 6:30am Bikram class today after waking up naturally at 5:30am. I was at the studio by 6:10. I love how much of a morning person I am. I used to have major sleep issues and not be able to sleep until 2am, functioning best after sunset. Now I’m an early riser and pass out when it gets dark. I’m seeing real progress with my flexibility, balance, and strength! I was able to push my body further than ever before. I talked to the teacher after class about how impossible some of the poses are because my legs are bowed (my knees can’t touch when I’m standing with my feet together). Apparently I can improve that by opening up my hips and hamstrings? We’ll see. But she did tell me that I was “built like an athlete.” That made me sooo happy because I’ve heard “you’re so skinny/tiny/thin” too many times these past several months. I’m not, stop making me feel puny! I’m lean, but I’m strong! STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY!!

In other news, I’m flying down to CA again tonight for more tunnel time. I’m definitely going to try staying 100% paleo this time, wish me luck! I’m also taking my hot yoga clothes because there’s a studio near the tunnel! I’ll probably post from my phone while I’m there. I find that blogging helps me stay more compliant. And guess what shoes I’ll be wearing the whole time?? My Vibrams!! I imagine that they’ll be awesome for tunnel flying too.

July 11, 2011

Lunchbox Lab, what happened to you?!?

I finally made it to the “new” Lunchbox Laboratory after all this time. After hearing how everything I loved about the old Lunchbox Lab was taken away and replaced by a limited menu, I decided to boycott in order to keep my beloved memories of the old hole in the wall burger joint intact. This was my post-climbing meal on friday with a bunch of skydivers. I was definitely hungry enough for a massive Lunchbox Lab burger (sans buns). I don’t even have the heart nor the energy to write a real review, I was so utterly disappointed. So I’ll just talk a little about the food.

Lamb “burger”
I’ve always built my own burger there, but this was my first time excluding buns and asking for extra lettuce. My lamb patty was 50% the size of what they used to be. The balsamic onions were the same, but there was noticeably less. They didn’t give me extra lettuce – just the standard side of lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a pickle slice. I got truffle mayo as the sauce on the side – as delicious as I remember! I’ll definitely be looking into making some paleo truffle mayo in the near future. Truffles make everything better. While I no longer order a milkshake and side of sweet potato fries, that’s still no excuse for how tiny and sad my food looks. I wouldn’t mind so much had the prices gone down, but they’ve stayed the same. However, they’re probably still the best burger restaurant in town.


Recent eats at home:
Roasted pork w/ Balsamic reduction
Roasted some pork shoulder with onions and garlic like I always do, but then I made the sauce from the lamb recipe from my previous post. I’m in love with the sauce and I’ll probably put it on everything now. So good with the onions and garlic too!!

Butternut Squash Fries
Super simple. Cut up squash, toss in olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, bake in 400 degree oven until desired texture. I like mine mushy with a bit of crisp on the edges. Best snack ever… ok, maybe second best next to prosciutto.

Not much food to show today. I’ve been too busy to cook a lot lately, so my meals haven’t been noteworthy. I’m absolutely exhausted from my long day and I just keep adding to my schedule!

My Monday:
Dawn – wake up naturally, feed birds, curse my new inability to sleep in past 6am
10am-3pm – Volunteer at Lifelong AIDS Alliance
5:30-6pm – Coach ice skating
Plus about 1.5 hours of total driving.

I’m super tired by sunset and like to be asleep by 10pm.

Crossfit at 7am tomorrow followed by 5 hours of volunteering, then hopefully fitting in some Bikram yoga if possible and having enough energy left to attend a skydiver BBQ.