Almost 2 years since my last post…

The last two years have been rather tempestuous. I let myself become a shell of my former self and mostly lost my super active lifestyle. There were four main reasons for this:

1. Skydiving – 2012-2013 were full of skydiving and tunnel trips. Since I was spending so much time and money on achieving those goals, I had to sacrifice some of my other hobbies. But it was totally worth it! I had the time of my life on some of these trips, met tons of awesome people, and was a part of the women’s vertical world record!

2. Sprained MCL – I hurt my knee in January last year and was in enough pain to stop exercising. I finally saw a doctor and got a knee brace only to be told that I can ride stationary bikes, use the elliptical machine, and swim – NONE of which were appealing to me. 

3. Surgery – I was supposed to have a laparoscopic cystectomy to remove large cysts on both ovaries. They ended up being melon sized so it became a laparotomy. Recovery was horrendous and long. Also, Dilaudid (hydromorphone) became my new favorite thing… I experienced withdrawal for the first time too.

4. Hormonal birth control – Due to my history with migraines, I chose progestin-only options: Depo Provera and then the Mirena. Worst mistake of my life would be an understatement. Severe mood swings to the point of being diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, weight gain, pain, migraines, etc. I was a mess. Post-Mirena, I dealt with a whole new set of issues. I am happy to say it seems to finally be over… 

I’ve been slowly switching my eating and exercise habits back to what they used to be. Today I decided to blog again! Reading my old posts have been inspiring and I’m excited to be back on track! 


One Comment to “Almost 2 years since my last post…”

  1. glad you’re back!!

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