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June 22, 2011

“What do I want to do with my life?”

First I’d like to mention that my frivolous life plans include more tunnel time! Here’s a short clip from last week, it was the only part my whuffo mother found even mildly interesting. (You might want to mute, the music they put on the dvds is so obnoxious after a while.)


Now on to my serious life plans.”What do I want to do with my life?” I’ve asked myself this question a lot lately. I finally have an answer now! My facebook status yesterday: “I just had an epiphany… I finally know what I want to do with my life! I have a dream and a purpose again and feel absolutely amazing about it.”

Some background info:
Most of my life I thought I wanted to go to medical school and be a doctor, but several life experiences made me decide it wasn’t my path halfway through college. Then I changed majors a lot, studied abroad a couple times, and ended up with a ridiculously wide variety of interests. That has always been my problem, I am always interested in way too many things at once. No focus whatsoever. You can see this in my tendency to collect hobbies. I must know and do everything I want to know and do. I’ve also never faced any obstacles, so the possibilities were endless to me. I ended up graduating with a BA in Latin America Studies and a BS in Public Health with a minor in Bioethics & Humanities. The past six months, I’ve literally been lost. I had many ideas on what I could do, but nothing I particularly felt passionate about and wanted to do for the rest of my life. I did however know that I wanted to continue pursuing public health because of our inefficient, inadequate health care system and because I strongly believe in prevention. So I had been looking at grad school for public health. Then I found another problem, there are so many different tracks to get your MPH! Environmental health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health administration, global health… the list literally seems endless. I had taken undergrad classes on most of the subjects and I didn’t feel like I particularly favored one over another.

Meanwhile, I had started to really pay attention to what I put into my body. I eat paleo and inquire about the origin of my food. You know how I said I must know everything I want to know? Well that trait led me to research a lot about the paleo diet and the American food industry. This completely changed my relationship to food and my views on the food industry and our government. I experienced so many positive changes after switching to paleo and have seen first hand how what I eat has a direct influence on my physical and mental health. I had no idea that food was so powerful! I became pretty passionate about eating this way and sharing it with anyone who would listen. I want everyone else to feel as good as I do! I also recently discovered a love for weight loss shows where the morbidly obese take back their lives and make a change. I’m always so inspired and moved by their journey and success.

So yesterday, all these pieces (there are more I did not mention) just fell into place as I realized that I am truly passionate about food as it relates to our health. My dream is to help individuals make informed decisions and take back control of their health so that they can insist on changes from our corrupt food and health system. I want to be a part of the solution to the obesity epidemic and help prevent chronic diseases. I can find purpose in my life with those goals. As my first step towards this path in life that has just become so clear to me, I am looking for MPH programs that will help me reach those goals and will start applying in September. ­čÖé


Since this is a food blog, here’s a picture of the Korean beef ┬áshort rib stew/broth I ate yesterday. Usually the meat gets cut up and put in the broth when it’s done. But I got really excited when I saw the meat still intact on the bone and had to eat it with my hand. I really think meat tastes better on the bone!

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June 20, 2011

Recovering from last week

I know it has been a long time since I’ve last blogged. I was in the bay area again getting more tunnel time! The whole trip I slept about 4 hours a night and napped a lot during the day. So my internal clock is super messed up. Surprisingly, I wasn’t at all sore after 3 hours in the tunnel in just a few days. Pushing against all that wind is quite a workout! I was drinking coconut water every day to rehydrate and prevent soreness. I got home on Saturday and only had a few hours before having to leave for my friend’s bachelorette party. Needless to say, I was super exhausted after all the tunnel time, travel, lack of sleep, and partying. I also ate like crap the last four days…

Before I left for my trip on Wednesday, I was eating a lot of Copper River salmon – baked with garlic, sea salt, pepper, italian seasonings, and lemon juice.

I managed to stay paleo all day on Thursday, but it took some effort. Union City, CA isn’t exactly a mecca for any kind of foodie. For lunch, my vegetarian friend and I went to Fresh Choice. What’s awesome about that place is that they list all ingredients, allergens, and whether something is gluten free, vegan, etc. It had a great salad bar. Everything else wasn’t paleo. The place is super vegetarian friendly with very little meat. What did contain meat wasn’t paleo. So my tray was a little empty. I was kinda excited to use one of these trays again, I hadn’t seen one since high school!


We went grocery shopping in Berkeley at the Berkeley Bowl and I was soooo happy! What an awesome supermarket. They had grassfed beef from three different places, two local and one from Uruguay, which I thought was stupid. I don’t know why this picture is upside down. But I bought several cans of coconut water, grassfed ribeye, organic blueberries, hot coppa, and raw almonds. I ate almost everything on Thursday.

By Friday, I gave up on eating paleo. I was tired from the lack of sleep and hungry from the lack of constant access to good food. I ate lunch at an Indian buffet with naan, rice, and curries. I hung out with my friend Enrique from the area before my 11pm tunnel session. His mom was so cute! Her homemade, authentic Mexican food was amazing!!! Pretty sure the chicken was paleo, but I had to have some of the rice too because it smelled soo good. I had three bowls! My friend said his mom also makes excellent carnitas. I would love to have the recipe, but she doesn’t cook from a recipe so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it.


We went on a drive. By drive I mean 100+mph in his Porsche Turbo on a narrow, curvy, windy, hilly road. Hello adrenaline, it has been a while! I loved the racing seats, otherwise I would have been flying around the car with every turn. I’ll see if I can post the video I took later.

I got a quick little tour of San Francisco. I think I could actually live there! There are very few cities that I like as much as Seattle. We ended up at Ghiradelli Square for some ice cream sundaes. I picked the Gold Rush sundae which had fudge, warm peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, peanuts, and whipped cream. Could it get any less paleo? I’ve always loved peanut butter in ice cream, but warm peanut butter was even better! I could only eat about 20% of this. It was way too sweet.

Saturday I even ate french toast for breakfast! The problem with me eating any sort of super sugary foods is that I start craving it. So the rest of the weekend was full of chocolate, scones, and cookies. I also ate noodles! And apple streusel bread! This is why I haven’t been blogging, not much paleo food to post and complete exhaustion. SAD foods make me super lethargic, so all I did was eat and sleep. But today I’m getting back on track despite waking up and immediately wanting nothing but sugar. It’s kinda crazy how I lose my massive sweet tooth if I eat paleo for a few days.