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August 24, 2011

Getting back to normal!

I haven’t been myself the last two weeks. I pretty much stopped exercising and had very inconsistent eating habits with lots of non-paleo days. I’ve been lazy, lethargic, irritable, unmotivated, and overall feeling off. Yesterday was the first day I decided to get back to normalcy, whatever that is.

I started my day with Bikram yoga. It was the worst hot yoga experience of my entire life. I was miserable from start to finish. I did not want to be in there, I wanted to leave. I lied down a lot and skipped so many postures because I just had no motivation to push through it. Plus I kept feeling light headed like I was going to pass out, not that I’ve ever passed out before. It had only been a week since I last practiced, so it shouldn’t have been that bad. Even my first time was awesome compared to yesterday. I was probably dehydrated days of non-paleo food with all that sugar and salt as well as alcohol. I know I definitely hadn’t been drinking enough water. I love Bikram yoga, I love being in the hot room, I love the body high and the sense of complete joy and relaxation at the end… I love everything about it. But yesterday I got to see another side of it. No wonder a lot of people hate hot yoga. I’m going to try to go every day this week to get back to having happy practices.

After such a horrific yoga experience, I was just not prepared to go back to MMA yesterday. However, I did go climbing. That was rough too! I hadn’t climbed in 2 weeks. It’s crazy how fast climbing strength goes away when you don’t use it. I found myself feeling very weak and heavy and had to downgrade. It was kinda depressing! But motivating at the same time. Must climb more!

All I can say is, thank goodness I snapped out of my two week period of sloth before it became permanent.

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday! Having paleo food in the house helps me stay paleo and motivates me to actually make myself food.

  • Ground beefalo
  • Grassfed beef ribeye steak
  • Free range local boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Prosciutto di parma
  • Organic, uncured, all natural bacon
  • Wild king smoked salmon
  • Red onion
  • Shallots
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut
  • Annie’s organic dijon mustard
  • Organic capers




And with that + what I already have in the fridge, I am set for several days of delicious food!

Here’s everything I ate yesterday except for the Coconut Bliss.

Cucumber and Lox salad

So I’ve been trying to find ways to eat cucumber and I think I just found my favorite way! This was delicious! Cucumber, red onion, tomato, avocado, smoked salmon, and capers with a little bit of the juice. No dressing required! I loved all the different textures and the flavors went together so well.





I try to be a locavore, I go to farmers markets and joined a CSA. But let’s be honest, globalization happened and I’m going to eat kiwis.




Deconstructed bacon burger

Red leaf lettuce from our garden, beefalo patty, bacon, tomato, avocado, and onions with a sprinkle of smoked paprika. I first cooked the bacon in a skillet, then used the bacon fat to cook the onions as well as the patty. Using the bacon fat is key. What is it about pork fat and onions that go together so well? This was very satiating. I just wish I had arugula!






Not my favorite fruit in the world, but it’s so refreshing on a nice summer day.




It’s quite possible that I consume way too many almonds on a daily basis. I am obsessed with them, especially with a drop of local honey on each one… What? I’m trying to keep seasonal allergies at bay. And bears eat honey. Oh and with 90% dark chocolate here and there as well. I’m pretty sure that eating all these almonds has made my skin softer than ever.






I wasn’t hungry, but decided to eat anyway because my friend was really hungry while we were doing some shopping at University Village yesterday. Restaurant choices are limited there, but you can usually find something to eat at “Mexican” restaurants. So we went to Sonrisa where I had the Seared Mahi Mahi with spicy fruit salsa and vegetables. No rice, please! Let’s just say I could have made it 1000x better at home. The fish was overcooked and dry, to almost a chewy leathery texture. The veggies were way over seasoned with salt. But I still ate everything on the plate. I don’t need to be hungry to be a glutton!




Looking forward to another fully paleo day today! Hope you enjoyed all the paleo food porn. It has been a while since I’ve posted so much paleo food, no?



July 22, 2011

A peachy summer day

My Bikram instructor says a lot of awesomely wise things in the 90 minutes. I’m always so focused on my poses that I can never exactly remember them afterwards, but I always mull over them for a moment. This morning was no different. She said that we would all be beginners forever. I strive to be of at least intermediate proficiency in everything I do, so of course being a beginner forever would bother me. I’ve been seeing significant progress in my yoga practice and I get more addicted with every class. She also said something about devoting oneself to yoga. Well maybe I’m devoted, not addicted. Addiction has a negative connotation, devotion sounds much better and gives an idea of the passion I have for all my favorite activities.

I find that going to yoga in the morning sets the pattern for the rest of the day. I eat better, I drink more water, I am more relaxed, and I just feel happier with myself.

Today actually felt like summer! While the rest of the country seems to be burning up, we’re at least 2 months behind schedule with our weather. I always look forward to peaches in the summer. Back in the day I would be busy making peach cobbler (I would eat the whole pan by myself on a regular basis), but not this year! I’m eating my peaches fresh and using them for paleo cooking purposes. Ooh maybe I can make a paleo peach cobbler!

Roasted pork shoulder with peaches
Remember the pork chops w/peaches from this post? Thank you Krisanne for introducing me to this fabulous dish and giving me the recipe. I decided to try it out for myself for lunch today. I did not have pork chops, so I just sliced the pork shoulder I had in approximately 1 inch slices. I pretty much followed the recipe, but added zucchini and carrots. I think celery would have been great with it as well. The addition of the other veggies resulted in a slightly more watery sauce, but I loved the extra color and texture. I used both yellow and white peaches. I dislike white peaches because they lack the tartness I look for in fruit. I got the yellow peach from Pike Place Market and it was hands down the best peach I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t organic and I am a bit neurotic about pesticides in peaches so I peeled the yellow peach. The white peaches were organic so I left the peel on those.



Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut
Sunny day calls for frozen treats! I talk about it more in this previous post. I can’t stop myself from eating the whole pint if I eat straight out of the container. So I’ve started scooping out exactly one serving (1/2 cup). It’s crazy how small one serving really is. Maybe I should get smaller bowls to give myself the illusion of eating more of this super delicious ice cream alternative.


Butternut squash fries
Yes, I realize that butternut squash is not summery at all. I eat way more butternut squash when they’re in season and local. But I love butternut squash so much that I can’t help but get some when I see them at the grocery store. I baked more fries today and experimented with cinnamon and coriander as seasonings. Coriander wasn’t good, what was I thinking? Luckily those were only 3 of the fries. Half of them were sprinkled with cinnamon, which I really enjoyed, but I think plain sea salt ones are still my favorite.

I’m going hiking tomorrow morning! Woohoo!

July 20, 2011

More paleo Korean food

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been super lazy! I messed up my lower back during my 8 hours of trying to get comfortable at the airport. I went to Bikram on Tuesday and realized that I wasn’t actually injured. I had full flexibility and range of motion without pain – heat is amazing for loosening up everything. I felt so much better… which is why I decided to go climbing afterwards. Dumb, because it just clenched up again. I usually think of climbing as an arms and legs thing, but it’s really a whole body activity. I learned that hot yoga should always be done after strenuous activity, not before. Luckily, I had a very nice person crack my neck and back for me yesterday and I am feeling much better. I haven’t been cooking and I have very little food to post here. I was also showing someone around Seattle and ended up not being as paleo as usual, which probably contributes to my overall lethargy.

Have I mentioned how much I love having dinner with paleo friends? Last night was no exception with more than half the table being paleo. The server caught on that none of us ate mashed potatoes and wanted extra veggies instead with our steak. I loved all the conversations we had about food and health! While it’s always nice to debate with vegetarians, vegans, and SADers, it’s wonderful to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded eaters. They suggested that I should try to meet Robb Wolf (whom they know personally) in person the next time I’m in the bay area. That would be awesome!

Paleo or not, I’m lucky to have some truly amazing and inspirational people in my life. But then again, how many mediocre people do you know once you actually know them? I’m starting to think that everyone is a potential future friend.

Anyway, I had lots of simple Korean food this week!

Beef knuckle bone(?) broth
I no longer require salt for my broths – just black pepper, green onion, and minced garlic. I think it’s important to try and eat as much of an animal as possible instead of just the muscle. Not only to minimize waste, but for all the nutrients as well. The lumps you see are bits of fat, meat, and cartilage.



Pan fried pork and kimchi
At Korean BBQ places there is always pork belly slices on the menu. I personally prefer sliced pork shoulder because it’s more meaty and less fatty. I just cooked the pork slices in a frying pan along with some garlic. When the pork fat started collecting in the pan, I just added some kimchi. Kimchi is best eaten uncooked so you can get the healthy bacteria, but I like the flavor of cooked kimchi. I wrap everything up in red leaf lettuce as I eat.




I’m planning on cooking a whole bunch this next week, so I’ll be posting more often again. My friend gave me elk round steaks and ground elk that his friend hunted. Yum! I’m also starting MMA classes as soon as my back is back to normal! That should be interesting!

April 26, 2011

Paleo Korean food

I went to hot yoga this morning! I did the 65 minute hot hatha class. 105 degrees, 40% humidity… sounds awful, doesn’t it? I absolutely love hot yoga. The heat and the massive amounts of sweat pouring out of all the pores in your body aside, your body feels amazing – detoxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated! I seriously walk out of the studio with a body high every time. It definitely gets easier the more you go. The first time I went I felt so nauseous afterwards! I’m starting out with hot hatha for two reasons. 1. Hot Yoga Inc has a new student special where it’s $10 for 10 classes. 2. Hatha is low intensity. I’m trying to get used to the heat before I move on to real hot yoga – BIKRAM! Even with hatha, you get your heartrate going!

And now for some eats from the day! You can still eat a wide variety of cuisines while staying paleo and Korean is definitely one of them. I’ve decided that the majority of Korean dishes already are or can easily be paleo, you just have to skip the rice. I’ll definitely post more paleo Korean food in the near future!

Korean meatballs

According to my mom, Korean meatballs are already paleo. Sauté onions, green onions, carrots, and garlic. In a bowl mix the veggies with ground beef and some salt and pepper. Cook completely in a pan and then let cool. Beat a couple eggs together, dip the meatballs into eggs and cook again until the egg coating is done. I ate many more than pictured for lunch today… nom nom.

Korean beef stew (galbitahng)

This started as plain beef bone broth, which is the base for many Korean stews/soups. It’s now a simple beef stew with rib meat and some radish. It’s served with a little bit of minced garlic and chopped green onions, salt and pepper to taste.

Mid-day snack plate

Celery, baby carrots, prosciutto and hot coppa. The hot coppa has a couple of nonpaleo ingredients listed as being less than 2%… 98% is good enough for me! I LOVE cured meat. Perfect for snacking with no cooking required.