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August 31, 2011

Hello, September!

I was originally planning on posting about my weekend adventure in Molalla for the All of the Above Boogie at Skydive Oregon, but decided to hold off on that until I edit some video! Since I ate so much crap and took very few pictures, there really isn’t much to show other than skydiving footage. Hopefully I’ll have time for that before the long weekend – I’m planning on going camping! YAY!

The past three days I’ve been challenging myself to be strictly paleo. I’ve already failed. It is incredibly difficult to be 100% compliant to all the paleo rules in this modern world. I actually find that striving to be 90+% paleo is much more conducive to success. That way I feel like I can eat something where less than 2% of the ingredients might contain a little evaporated cane syrup. Or I feel like it’s ok to have one tiny wedge of a pita and a couple tablespoons of hummus when the only even remotely paleo thing on the item is a hummus veggie plate – this is what happened last night at a local comedy club where my friend made her stand up debut. I hate feeling RESTRICTED. It makes me feel like I’m on a DIET. I am not on a diet, paleo is just how I prefer to eat. It’s a LIFESTYLE that I choose to live on a daily basis. So while I’ve failed at 100% paleo, I have succeeded at 90+% paleo which is much more sustainable for me! I definitely do have 100% paleo days frequently though!

August has been a very rocky month for me in so many ways. I’m really happy it’s over. A new calendar month, a new beginning, a chance to reset my life and set the tone for the rest of the month. Although August started out amazingly well with me being in the best shape of my life, other factors just got in the way of maintaining that. I’m ready for a fresh start. I went to cardio kickboxing yesterday and thought it was way too easy. It was only 45 minutes long. I need several hours of intense exercise to feel that crazy endorphin body high that I love so much. Today I plan to go to hot yoga, boxing, MMA workout, and capoeira. I’m actually excited about it and feel really motivated. It’s nice to have motivation back! Let’s hope it stays this time.

We’ve been having gorgeous sunsets lately. Here are pics that I took from our deck on Monday and Tuesday. I like thick clouds, except on the days I want to skydive.



After kickboxing, I went to Whole Foods for some light grocery shopping. Too bad I was hungry because it turned out to be a rather costly shopping trip! Healthy food is way too expensive.

  • Grassfed NY strip steaks
  • Buffalo ribeye steak
  • 1lb ground buffalo
  • Prosciutto
  • Applegate organic thick cut uncured bacon
  • Smoked wild sockeye salmon
  • Pistachios
  • Portabella mushrooms
  • Avocados
  • Merry’s Miracle Tart
  • Theo 91% dark chocolate
  • Coconut flour
  • Coconut cooking oil



Wednesday is CSA bag pick up day!

  • Jupiter Donut Peaches
  • Snow Leopard Melons
  • Yaya Carrots
  • Dapple Fire Pluots
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Nectarines
  • Cucumbers
  • Squash



Steak and a dandelion salad

I still had carrots, cucumbers, and dandelion greens left over from last week’s bag. Being away for 3 days, I didn’t get a chance to eat everything! I made myself a salad with dandelion greens, carrots, red onion, cucumbers, and peaches. I don’t use salad dressings or even balsamic vinegar if I can help it. I like to try to put together veggies and fruits that taste good together naturally. I discovered that I hate raw dandelion greens. They’re way too bitter. The natural sweetness of the other ingredients weren’t enough to counter how bitter the greens were! I still have a lot left, I’ll have to find a good recipe for them. I did very much enjoy the cukes, carrots, and peaches together though! I ate the salad with a delicious medium rare grassfed NY strip steak. I made sure to watch it very closely this time, since my last steak was a disaster, and it turned out perfect.




August 25, 2011

Food from last week

It has been a while since my last post! I’ve been tweeting, since I started using twitter again as a companion for this blog. Posting a tweet takes sooo much less work than maintaining a real blog! I went to Oregon for a boogie (skydiving event) on Friday, totally unplanned. The next post will be all about how impossible it is to stay paleo at those things! I’ll have to edit some video to share with you guys as well. I started a 30 day paleo challenge yesterday after 3 days of really crappy eating at the boogie. I feel like the entire month of August has been a struggle for me, so I think it would be great for me to commit to a month of eating fully paleo. Let’s see how long it lasts. Day 1 went great yesterday.

Before the boogie, I was doing pretty well getting back to normal and making paleo meals for myself. So these are some food pics from last week.

Grassfed ribeye with 4 different kinds of squashes and onion
I’ve decided that my greatest cooking tragedies always involve overcooking meat because I’m so easily distracted. This was the first time in a very long time that my steak didn’t come out perfectly medium rare. It was well done! Hardly any pink. What  a complete waste of meat, right? But it was tender enough that I could still enjoy it. Just not as much as if it would have been red-pink in the middle!


Beefalo bacon burger
W/grilled onion and avocado.One of my favorite meals! I could eat this every day.

Korean food without rice– bulgogi, kimchi, and banchans
So this isn’t fully paleo because there is soy sauce in the marinade for the bulgogi (Korean marinated beef), but I don’t mind having soy sauce here and there. Banchan = side dishes. Here we have kimchi, cucumber onion salad type thing, zucchini, and eggplant.


Lavender duck, turnip, blackberry and hazelnut saladPoppy, Seattle
This was a salad from the bar at one of my absolute favorite restaurants. I don’t even know where to start with describing how delicious this salad was! I particularly enjoyed the turnips. The turnips!! Who would’ve thought! I’ve always loved their lavender duck and the hazelnuts were perfect. Definitely try this if you’re in the area.

My CSA bag from last week contained nectarines, pluots, peaches, cucumbers, squashes, cherries, apples, carrots, and melons!

August 24, 2011

Getting back to normal!

I haven’t been myself the last two weeks. I pretty much stopped exercising and had very inconsistent eating habits with lots of non-paleo days. I’ve been lazy, lethargic, irritable, unmotivated, and overall feeling off. Yesterday was the first day I decided to get back to normalcy, whatever that is.

I started my day with Bikram yoga. It was the worst hot yoga experience of my entire life. I was miserable from start to finish. I did not want to be in there, I wanted to leave. I lied down a lot and skipped so many postures because I just had no motivation to push through it. Plus I kept feeling light headed like I was going to pass out, not that I’ve ever passed out before. It had only been a week since I last practiced, so it shouldn’t have been that bad. Even my first time was awesome compared to yesterday. I was probably dehydrated days of non-paleo food with all that sugar and salt as well as alcohol. I know I definitely hadn’t been drinking enough water. I love Bikram yoga, I love being in the hot room, I love the body high and the sense of complete joy and relaxation at the end… I love everything about it. But yesterday I got to see another side of it. No wonder a lot of people hate hot yoga. I’m going to try to go every day this week to get back to having happy practices.

After such a horrific yoga experience, I was just not prepared to go back to MMA yesterday. However, I did go climbing. That was rough too! I hadn’t climbed in 2 weeks. It’s crazy how fast climbing strength goes away when you don’t use it. I found myself feeling very weak and heavy and had to downgrade. It was kinda depressing! But motivating at the same time. Must climb more!

All I can say is, thank goodness I snapped out of my two week period of sloth before it became permanent.

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday! Having paleo food in the house helps me stay paleo and motivates me to actually make myself food.

  • Ground beefalo
  • Grassfed beef ribeye steak
  • Free range local boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Prosciutto di parma
  • Organic, uncured, all natural bacon
  • Wild king smoked salmon
  • Red onion
  • Shallots
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut
  • Annie’s organic dijon mustard
  • Organic capers




And with that + what I already have in the fridge, I am set for several days of delicious food!

Here’s everything I ate yesterday except for the Coconut Bliss.

Cucumber and Lox salad

So I’ve been trying to find ways to eat cucumber and I think I just found my favorite way! This was delicious! Cucumber, red onion, tomato, avocado, smoked salmon, and capers with a little bit of the juice. No dressing required! I loved all the different textures and the flavors went together so well.





I try to be a locavore, I go to farmers markets and joined a CSA. But let’s be honest, globalization happened and I’m going to eat kiwis.




Deconstructed bacon burger

Red leaf lettuce from our garden, beefalo patty, bacon, tomato, avocado, and onions with a sprinkle of smoked paprika. I first cooked the bacon in a skillet, then used the bacon fat to cook the onions as well as the patty. Using the bacon fat is key. What is it about pork fat and onions that go together so well? This was very satiating. I just wish I had arugula!






Not my favorite fruit in the world, but it’s so refreshing on a nice summer day.




It’s quite possible that I consume way too many almonds on a daily basis. I am obsessed with them, especially with a drop of local honey on each one… What? I’m trying to keep seasonal allergies at bay. And bears eat honey. Oh and with 90% dark chocolate here and there as well. I’m pretty sure that eating all these almonds has made my skin softer than ever.






I wasn’t hungry, but decided to eat anyway because my friend was really hungry while we were doing some shopping at University Village yesterday. Restaurant choices are limited there, but you can usually find something to eat at “Mexican” restaurants. So we went to Sonrisa where I had the Seared Mahi Mahi with spicy fruit salsa and vegetables. No rice, please! Let’s just say I could have made it 1000x better at home. The fish was overcooked and dry, to almost a chewy leathery texture. The veggies were way over seasoned with salt. But I still ate everything on the plate. I don’t need to be hungry to be a glutton!




Looking forward to another fully paleo day today! Hope you enjoyed all the paleo food porn. It has been a while since I’ve posted so much paleo food, no?



August 22, 2011

SFBay trip eats, part 2

Traveling and staying paleo is rather challenging for me and I definitely failed the second half of this trip. It’s easy for me to stay paleo in Seattle when I’ve already eaten pretty much everything I would want to eat in my many years of being a foodie! But when I’m out of town, I eat whatever is recommended by locals or whatever I can find. Another issue I have is that I am tempted to drink much more when I’m traveling. Probably because I’m rarely alone and thus “forced” to be social the majority of the time, which usually means there’s alcohol around and I have no willpower when it comes to good booze, haha.

On Thursday, we went to a tasting at St.George Spirits, a distillery located in an old aircraft hangar in Alameda, CA. Besides what’s listed below, we were given several other spirits as well. Aside from a few that I did not care for (absinthe, some black tea liqueur), everything was really good. I especially enjoyed the vodkas and the whiskey.  The eaux de vie and liqueurs were like juices to me…yum! .25oz pours start adding up, especially when you’re a total lightweight! Needless to say, I was drunk by the end of this. Then we went to a bar. When I’m already drunk, I forget that I should probably stop drinking. When I’m out with people who don’t know me well enough to cut me off, it’s just bad news bears. So came the Irish car bomb, the tokyo tea, the touchdown, and more drinks that I don’t even remember. I vaguely remember hot wings and quesadillas as well… It hasn’t even been a couple posts since the last time I blogged about drinking too much. I said in that post that I would never drink again, but then I did not even a week later with some regrettable consequences. I definitely blacked out at some point and I am sooo very sorry, R! It was a good reminder of the real reason I stopped drinking (to excess), not just because it makes me sick, but because I’d black out and do something stupid. Lesson learned, yet again. Perhaps it’ll stick this time? Actually, it already hasn’t, because I seem to be back in the habit of ordering a cocktail when I eat out. I probably sound like I have an alcohol problem now! My advice: stay paleo, don’t drink, and  you’ll be much happier with less troubles in life.






Apparently this was the shark model from “Deep Blue Sea” – I’ll admit to having seen that cheesy movie.




On Friday we went to Los Gatos Cafe in Los Gatos, CA for breakfast. There were more paleo options that what I ordered, but hey, I was on vacation and I had already given up on staying paleo so I ordered the crabcakes benedict with spinach and hollandaise on the side.  Yum! I must make paleo crabcakes soon! Walking around after breakfast, I saw a French pâtisserie. When I’m in non-paleo mode, you absolutely cannot keep me from French pastries if they’re within my line of sight. I got a coconut macaroon, a lemon tart, and a chocolate cake… I can’t stop at one either.



I think this was a lunch from Thursday? This was probably my most paleo meal of the second half of my trip! It’s a Vietnamese chicken sandwich in salad form from Sierra Deli in Oakland. Grilled chicken in a lemongrass sauce (I tasted soy sauce and sugar, so not totally paleo), cilantro, tomato, jalapeño, avocado, cucumber, and daikon. Oh how I LOVE daikon and I enjoyed this salad way more than I thought I would a salad from such a small unassuming deli and market attached to a condo. I will definitely be recreating this salad in fully paleo form!



I spent my last half day in San Francisco walking around the street and farmer’s markets, which really is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world, especially in the company of my favorite people. I love all the energy, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the colors, the food… everything. My friend and I had lunch at La Mar, a Peruvian fusion restaurant. We shared two cebiches and the skirt steak empanadas (not pictured). What is it about raw seafood “cooked” in acid that I love so much? I could eat it every day. Eating the empanada and having a cocktail made with pisco brought back memories of my travels in Peru and Chile. Such nostalgia! I definitely need to start traveling again, I especially miss Latin America.

Cebiche Mixto – “Yellowtail from Mexico, calamari and shrimp in an ají amarillo leche de tigre with cilantro, red onion, habanero, Peruvian corn and yam”


Cebiche Nikei  – “Ahi Tuna, red onion, Japanese cucumber, daikon, and avocado in a tamarind leche de tigre”



Everyone knows that I am the crazy bird lady. For as long as I can remember, I have just had a strange affinity for birds. All birds, not just parrots! I met my first pelican on Saturday! I had seen them before from afar, never this close! And I couldn’t help myself… He was so soft! So cute!!!

I kind of have a bad habit of interacting with wild birds… This was from a couple years ago. Yes, that’s a real crow.


I’ve been slowly transitioning back to my real life after a pretty surreal week. I was mostly paleo today and will be getting back to normal as this week goes on, which means more paleo posts, more often!

August 18, 2011

SFBay trip eats, part 1

I’m posting from my phone, so apologies in advance if there are lots of mistakes.

I’m pleased to say that I am back to eating fully paleo, even though I am currently away from home in the bay area! This is the longest trip yet, away from my own food and my birds! 4 nights, 5 days.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I use fasting as a means to reset my body and eating habits when I feel sick from eating a bunch of crap. I fasted for 40 hours, drinking only water and some green tea. I also did two Bikram yoga sessions within 15 hours of each other. The result? I felt completely cleansed of all the toxins I had consumed in the four days prior. I also lost the 5lbs of water I had gained in those four days. You forget how uncomfortable it is to be constantly bloated when you eat paleo and don’t retain so much water.

I broke my fast with some fruit, then made myself a proper meal. I roasted pork with onions, yellow squash, butternut squash, and garlic. I love roasted veggies and they’re even better roasted in pork fat!



I had an early morning flight to Oakland the next day. Because I didn’t want to deal with finding paleo friendly food at the airport for breakfast during my layover at PDX, I took some prosciutto and cherries with me as snacks.

I also made sure to stop by Whole Foods after getting to Oakland so I could have snacks for the week. I picked up more prosciutto, blackberries, coconut water, and some Coconut Bliss.

Dinner the first night before flying in the tunnel was a ribeye steak with steamed veggies from Texas Roadhouse. Not grassfed, but the steak was seasoned and cooked perfectly. I had two sides of veggies – just broccoli and baby carrots. It was dark and I forgot to use the flash.

I had a delicious burger at Chop Bar, as you can see in the pic. No bun, add cowboy onions. I loved the arugula salad. I definitely need more arugula in my life. Soooo good!!

I’ll try to blog more tomorrow, I’m keeping this short. I feel like so much more has been going on! I’ll post properly when I return home on Saturday night.

August 13, 2011

WHY did I eat/drink that?!?

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning horrified at what you consumed the day before… Or in my case, the previous 4 days. Yep, I was off the paleo boat for FOUR days, which is pretty unusual for me since I absolutely hate how I feel when I don’t eat 80-100% paleo. In fact, I feel absolutely deplorably wretched right now. 1. My stomach hates me. 2. Forget my stomach, my entire body hates me. 3. I’ve gained at least 5lbs of water weight and I can feel it.

The last several days have been filled with obnoxious amounts of sugar and salt from all sorts of non-paleo foods. I’ve also eaten my weight in fruit and almonds because I was bored from being too lazy to do anything. Then there’s the alcohol. SO. MUCH. ALCOHOL.

In my current delirious state of post-traumatic eating episodes, the only clear thought I have is: How did I live like that for so many years?!? How do the majority of people still live like that?!? I think this feeling of lethargy and ill-health might just be the accepted norm for people who haven’t experienced a life free of grains and alcohol.

I went to my friend’s wedding on a beautiful Friday afternoon. It was the shortest ceremony ever! As soon as I saw the cupcakes, I knew that my willpower to stay paleo was weak. I have such a soft spot for cupcakes!



I think I ate two, possibly three. I don’t even remember because I had been drinking wine. 2 tiny glasses and I was plastered in a cute, bubbly way and not a sloppy mess kind of way… or so I like to think, haha.


Then there was the food – nothing paleo-friendly. I was suuuper hungry from not having eaten much beforehand and from all the wine. I always eat like a ravenous fat kid when I’m drunk… or maybe that’s just all the time. After my appetizer of the entire favor box full of M&Ms (a childhood favorite), I grabbed some food. I don’t even like beans or potato salad, but I got them both along with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, mac and cheese, and some pickles. I did not eat the buns of the sandwich, but ate everything else against my better judgment.




Friday night, I went to the Dash Berlin show, which was a white party. I have a thing for crazy fake eyelashes and had found these white feather ones at Sephora. They glowed under the black light, which I thought was pretty nifty! I rarely go out anymore. I think the last time was in May? But sometimes, I like to take a break from being my normal freakishly healthy self and party like I’m still in college. And I did just that on Friday night prefunc’ing with Captain and Cokes followed by Tokyo teas (it’s like a long island, but with midori instead of coke) at the venue. I danced for 5 hours with one of my absolute favorite people in the whole entire world! LOVE YOU, KP, happy birthday! Sometime during the night, I also ate a Seattle dog. It’s just not a proper drunken night out in Seattle without one! They’re hot dogs with cream cheese (I also add grilled onions and jalapeños). I find that most non-Seattlites think that sounds disgusting. Don’t knock it till you try it, I’d never eat a hot dog without cream cheese!




Needless to say, I was rather hungover on Saturday. By rather hungover, I mean I was a useless lump in my bed all day. And the memories of all the SAD junk I ate the day/night before were starting to come back to me. You’d think that I would have spent my recovery day getting back on the paleo bandwagon. Well I love fruit and Korean food when I’m hungover. I probably ate most of my fruit from my CSA bag (a week’s worth of fruit) yesterday. I also had bibimbap, which isn’t too bad – brown rice and hot pepper paste (has soy in it), but otherwise healthy full of veggies and meat (all the veggies are cooked in sesame oil). However, it is pretty high in sodium from the hot pepper paste, since I like mine to be super spicy. The fried egg on top after it’s all mixed is absolutely necessary! Best hangover food ever.



I had sooo many peaches and pluots, as well as nectarines and cherries. These are some of the best stone fruits I’ve ever had!


These yellow plums are from our own tree! Not fully ripe yet.



I am fasting today. It has become a necessity with how awful I’m feeling to let my body just cleanse and recover from being bombarded by food and alcohol. I would really like to incorporate regular intermittent fasting into my life. I’m also going to hot yoga in the evening, I can’t believe I haven’t gone in a week! It’s going to feel soooo gooooood! I can’t wait to go back to being fully paleo so I can feel amazing again. But the break was a GREAT reminder of why I eat paleo in the first place!

August 11, 2011

Thank you, sleep!

Last night I fell asleep by 10pm like I used to before messing up my sleep schedule. I woke up naturally at 6:30 feeling gloriously awake and refreshed. My mood is 200% better than it has been the last few days!!! What a relief! I was starting to think I was stuck in some sort of inexplicably sad, lazy slump. I’m pretty excited to go to boxing, MMA, and capoeira tonight! Feeling motivated to move again. It’s a complete 180 from my last two days. It’s a great reminder of how important sleeping and waking up naturally is to me. I’m always exhausted if I use an alarm after going to sleep late. Not to mention SUPER CRANKY.

The only thing I managed to do yesterday was shop for 5 hours. I usually love shopping (even marathon shopping), but it put me in a bad mood yesterday because 1. There was nothing I liked. 2. I specifically went to find a day dress to wear to a wedding and failed. I did find a James Perse t-shirt and a reversible knit cardigan on sale! Both gray and super comfy… surprise surprise. I could happily live in James Perse, JBrands, and Lululemon. I thought this S/S season was awful for clothes, but I’m pretty excited for F/W! I need to replace so much of my wardrobe due to going down 1-2 sizes in everything.

I loooved this L’agence dress that I tried on, but it wasn’t what I needed and also way too expensive for what it is. Still, it was so simple and beautiful with the lace at the bust. I like it in the gray color too, plus the lace shows more. Maybe if it went on sale? Or if one of you wants to be super generous and get me this dress in a size 2, it would be going to a very good home! 😉



I was super hungry after all the unsuccessful shopping, so I stopped by Cafe Campagne for some tartare de boeuf – “raw beef, shallots, capers, raw egg yolk and Dijon mustard served with toasted baguette slices and butter lettuce salad.” No baguettes, of course. I love beef tartare and tend to order it when it’s available. I love raw beef, but making it at home seems like an awful idea to me for some reason. The last time I had it at a different cafe, I couldn’t taste egg yolk. It’s just not right without egg yolk! This one was wonderful, very classically prepared without an overabundance of capers.


Exhausted and frustrated, I went home and was greeted by my CSA bag! Much more fruit this time – no complaints here! Everything is super fresh and delicious, just like last week. And no potatoes this time, yay!

This Week’s Harvest

  • Peaches: Sweet Scarlet and Saturn Donut
  • Honey Fire Nectarines
  • Lapins Cherries
  • Summer Squash Mix: Costata Romanesco, Eight Ball or Floridor
  • Lettuce: Jericho or Freckles
  • Cucumber mix: Armenian, Satsuki Midori, Lemon, Boosby Blonde or Poona Kheera


I forgot to include the big cucumbers in the group photo. These are huge! I need to find more ways to eat cucumber so that I like them more.



So far today, I’ve played the piano and helped my brother get ready for his first backpacking trip tomorrow. Going over gear, showing him how/what to pack, etc. I think it’s about time for me to go backpacking too. Anyone wanna go in a couple weeks? I’m thinking at least 2 nights, 10-20miles a day. I need to leave soon to shop for a wedding present and maybe find something to wear. Then a 3 hour workout! I can’t believe it has been a whole week since I’ve gone! Lots of exciting things for the weekend, but what I’m really looking forward to in in 5 more days!



August 9, 2011

Struggling with motivation

I don’t know what it is about this week, but I am having a lot trouble showing up to my various activities. I reschedule several times a day to push things back and then I just don’t even go. I think my currently messed up sleep schedule has a lot to do with it, I’ve been tired for the first time in several months! I even napped for 3 hours straight yesterday without knowing I even fell asleep in the first place. Beyond that, I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I enjoy all my activities, but they are hard work and to continue doing them requires a significant amount of self-motivation. I have been eating well and the energy is there when I’m awake, but I find myself being lazy. I did absolutely nothing yesterday, at least I climbed for a bit on Monday. Today isn’t starting off so well either because I had planned on going to the early morning MMA workout and Muay Thai class. Instead, I am blogging about my lack of willpower to get out of bed. I think admitting to my laziness this week on my blog is helping me feel obligated to go out and do things today. But obligation is nothing compared to actual motivation!

I even put on workout clothes yesterday, but ended up back in bed instead. My birds were more than happy to have me stay home! In case you were wondering, they’re potty trained.



Cucumber lemon water

I find juice to be way too sweet now. I drink water and coconut water, not much else. Or water with lemon juice. I only had cucumbers left from last week’s CSA bag and it was definitely time to use them. I actually enjoy cucumber water for its cool, refreshing taste. Yesterday I decided to combine lemon and cucumbers in my water with awesome results. No sugar required and better than lemonade in my opinion!



Salmon and Cucumber Salad

I’m not a big fan of eating cucumbers. I like the texture, but the flavor doesn’t appeal to me too much. I used to hate them, but now I tolerate them. Since I had to eat my CSA cucumbers, I decided to make a super simple salad. Just slice up some cucumbers and toss in fresh squeezed lemon juice and dill. I actually liked it, much better than cucumbers alone. I should get some lox for an awesome snack pairing as I do love salmon and cucumbers together.

I still have a lot of Copper River salmon in the freezer. Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper, tarragon, basil, and minced garlic on top of the filet. Then I broiled it covered in foil until it was done, not sure how long it took since I just kept checking it. I like to keep the skin on the bottom, I find that the salmon doesn’t dry out that way. Plus you get all the good fats out of it!



Ok, wish me luck in getting things done today! I must get out of this slump! I want to fit in some sort of workout and possibly climb tonight. I also need to volunteer for at least 3 hours and shop for a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding this Friday, as well as a wedding gift. It’s also my CSA bag pick up day! I get way too excited about those, but I love the surprise of what’s inside!

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August 8, 2011

More calories, squash, and bouldering

My last post was rather poorly written, sorry about that! I was suuuuper tired and there was a lot of word vomiting going on. This one will probably be the same. I also know that I’ve been slacking on food posts lately! I just haven’t had much time to try out new recipes lately and I’ve been making the same old quick meals. How many times can I post about a piece of meat with a side of veggies? I will try to cook more this week.

As you may have noticed, my activity level is at an all time high. In order to supply my body with enough energy and sustain the increase in muscle mass, I know I have to consume more calories. I already eat as much as I want and I am always full. I don’t think my stomach could fit more food and I really don’t want to force myself to eat when I’m not hungry. So my solution has been to try to eat more calorie dense foods – basically, more fat. I’ve been attempting to eat more nuts and fattier meat/fish. Any other tips on eating more calories on a paleo diet? Or should I even worry about it? Maybe it’s best to see how my body reacts naturally (being hungry more often, etc.) before stressing about it.

Summer Squash Scramble
I used some of my CSA veggies in my breakfast today – the yellow squash (have no idea what kind it is) and sweet onions. I also added mushrooms, zucchini, 2 slices of bacon, and a chicken apple sausage. All the veggies cooked in bacon fat before I added two eggs and scrambled away! With all the squash, it turned out pretty watery so I had to drain the extra liquid. But the flavor was good and it was very filling. Normally I skip bacon, but like I said, I’m trying to eat more.


I had planned on doing all sorts of things yesterday, but was feeling pretty lazy. I only made it to my bouldering gym. I am so frustrated by this V3 on the big wall. I MUST conquer it before they change it. I get to maybe 4 easy moves away from the finish, but I run out of steam – my hands and arms burn out. This big wall is pretty high and I get scared by the time I’m half way up, which really doesn’t help me relax, think, and use better technique. At least I’m getting used to falling! The nice thing about climbing with a harness and rope is that you can totally rest while the belayer holds you up. I have enough strength and endurance for bouldering shorter routes, but this one is rough for me! Not only is it the tallest wall at the gym, it’s also angled down quite a bit. Defying gravity seems to be a key characteristic of most of my hobbies.

Here’s the view from the side to show the angle and height (blurry, but you get the idea):

And a video of me trying to climb it today:

See my bulging muscles? I told you I’m not skinny! 😉

Afterwards, I went shopping for more workout clothes at Lululemon. The “educators” working there always ask you what you need the clothes for and what you do. I get to my dressing room and see this! My name is spelled wrong, but I appreciated the “badass athlete” part. I don’t know if I’m badass quite yet, but I do feel like an athlete again!

August 7, 2011

A few perfect days full of my favorite hobbies

Continuing on from my previous post!


As I had planned, I made it to my boxing and MMA workout classes. At the end of those two hours of intense cardio, I mentioned to the instructor how maybe next week I can do the next class, Capoeira, as well. He told me I should stay because it’s more fun and that I could totally do it. And so I stayed for a third hour at Axtion Club. I like how someone else’s workout of the day is my cool-down.

The Capoeira instructor is this gruff Brazilian guy who barks out “left!” “right” “NOOOO!!!!” etc. among various unintelligible words in Portuguese that I assume are moves in Capoeira. Mostly towards me because I was new and I’m not coordinated at all. Let’s not even get started on how I always confuse left and right! I had so much fun though and I laughed a lot at myself. I finally managed to get some smiles out of the instructor as well. Also, I can’t do a cartwheel to the right to save my life. I really enjoyed that everything is done to awesome music. I may not be coordinated, but I like to think that I have some rhythm. Anyway, he did tell me I did a great job for my first time and that he hopes I come back. Of course I will! But maybe after I watch some videos of capoeira on youtube with subtitles…

I bought my own gloves at Sports Authority. Why do they insist on making women’s gloves a disgusting bubblegum pink? Why not black? Or turquoise? Or lime green?


I was super hungry between volunteering and the workouts, so i stopped by Whole Foods for some snacks! The 1/2lb of prosciutto only lasted 2 days… I’m so obsessed with prosciutto!


I got some carnitas from the taco bar section. All paleo ingredients. I use all the ingredients in my own carnitas except for chicken stock. I will be adding some chicken broth to my next carnitas attempt because this was delicious!


So I’m always looking for paleo friendly (i.e. as paleo as possible?) treats. I know a lot of paleo purists say you should quit everything cold turkey and not try to paleofy your favorite non-paleo foods, but I’m sorry, I cannot do that. Live a little! I LOOVE lemon tarts and I was sooo excited when I saw this at Whole Foods. Check out the ingredients! Not bad, eh? Not bad at all! Apparently that little thing is supposed to be 3 servings, but I ate the whole thing. Deliciously lemony! And I loooved the coconut in the crust.




I saved my coconut for the end of my workout! Fresh coconut = 2394723974 times better than packaged coconut water. I could live on this stuff. Ok maybe not, but it’s the best treat ever after strenuous activity!



I went climbing outside! My first outing of the season and I’m now so motivated to climb more. I was pretty tired from the night before, but somehow managed to climb a big wall. We went to Exit 38 off I-90.

Snacks! Pluots and cherries from my CSA bag (I’m so sad I’m out of them now), prosciutto, raw almonds, and coconut water!


All the routes were 5.9s. I looove the feeling of real rock on my hands! Cool, textured, and rocky… love it! Plus there’s no tape telling me what to do, so I get the extra challenge of having to find my own way up!




I’m so happy that I’ve been keeping up with my goal to hike every Saturday! We went to Lake 22 because I wanted an easy hike after my really active week. It was just 5.4 miles with 1350ft of elevation gain. Nice and easy! I even made myself slow down a little to enjoy the scenery and the company of my two friends. I love seeing waterfalls and lakes on my hikes, can you tell?










Today was my designated rest day! And it was the best rest day ever! It was a beautiful day for skydiving. I hadn’t jumped in over a month and it felt soooo good to be back in the sky. Although I may enjoy flying in the tunnel more than skydiving these days, there’s really nothing like the first few moments after letting go of the plane. And the scenery!!!

I did 4 jumps and rushed out of the DZ to make it to a 5pm Bikram yoga class at my new studio, Bikram Yoga Everett. I could definitely feel my week off from hot yoga. It was rough at times and felt like the longest 90 minutes ever. I think the room was hotter than at my last studio too. I will review this studio in a later post.

Here are some pictures from the plane today. You can see the Puget Sound, the other jump plane, and Mt. Rainier!