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April 28, 2011

10th day update on my brother

My younger brother started eating strictly paleo last Tuesday after I challenged him to do 30 days of paleo. Changes so far include 6 pounds of weight loss, improved skin, and no feelings of hunger or fatigue. He has never eaten so many veggies in his life! And doesnt complain! He has started to enjoy salads! My mom is ecstatic.

Breakfast today was a scramble with eggs, sausage, bacon, onion, mushrooms, broccoli, and red bell pepper with a side of tomatoes and guacamole.


I’m on a plane to Oakland right now! Yay for wifi on planes. I’m getting two hours of tunnel time (wind tunnel) and skydiving. I’ll be posting about eating paleo while traveling. Be back Saturday evening!

April 25, 2011

Before and after pics

I definitely did not start eating paleo to lose weight. I always thought I looked great despite the weight gain after I quit figure skating. The weight fat loss occurred naturally as I ate and ate and ate paleo food. I am leaner than ever before, including when I was a teenager skating and working out 10-20 hours a week. I feel so much more comfortable, as if this is the exact body composition and size I’m supposed to be.

I was debating whether or not to post pictures of my physical transformation on the paleo diet. I decided to post them because becoming leaner and stronger is a part of eating this way.


Left: ~140lbs, but I was usually in the mid 130s the past few years. Right: January 2011 ~123lbs after 75-80% paleo (still eating rice and cheese somewhat regularly).


April 2011 ~120lbs, over 90% paleo. Diet only, little exercise.

(Late 2011 I had gained about 8lbs by adding exercise and was at 12.3% body fat. There are pics in various posts during that time period.)


Update: It has been over 3 years since my last pictures, so I thought I would add some new ones. I think it’s super fascinating just how much your body can change over time.

I stopped blogging in September ’12.

December ’12: ~127lbsMaybe 70% paleo? Around the time when I started seeing the lump on my abdomen.



Post-surgery, May ’13:  I wasted down to ~115lbs. This was awful, I felt like a bag of bones. 😦




The new BEFORE pic: March ’14 ~132lbs

Thanks to a combination of little exercise and a diet full of pastries and take-out, I gained almost 20lbs in a year! No paleo diet here!



August ’14 – I am working on my new AFTER! Pics to come.



April 22, 2011

30 day paleo challenge for my little bro!

I have finally convinced my 17 year old brother to eat strictly paleo for 30 days. He is the typical processed food-addicted American teenager. He loves potatoes, pizza, fast food burgers, soda, captain crunch cereal, chips, etc. If it comes in a shiny colorful package from the grocery store or drive-thru, he loves it. But using my magical older sister powers, I have made him commit to a paleo challenge to lose weight. He is 6′ tall and started at 238lbs. Today is Day 3.

Because he is on a strict paleo diet, it basically means I am too. I am now challenged to cook delicious paleo meals with lots of variety for my picky teenaged brother. This means lots of posts about my culinary adventures and updates on his weight loss progress.