My first float tank experience


I have a list of what I have found to be spiritual experiences for me – where nothing else matters except for that moment, where nothing else seems to exist.

  • Freefall (skydiving)
  • Yoga
  • “Flying” across fresh powder on a snowboard
  • BASE jumping (although I quit, for now)
  • Sweeping mountain views with a gust of wind
  • Moments with the person you love

I can now add floating to that list after visiting Float Seattle yesterday! Float tanks are also known as isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks. You float in a tub of suuuuper salty water at skin temperature in complete darkness and silence.



It only took me a few minutes to completely relax into my hour long session. I lost all track of time and space. It was as if my body had disappeared and there was just infinite nothingness, in a good way. I was only aware of my heart beating and my breathing if I focused on them. Otherwise I was just left with my innermost thoughts. With no external stimulation, the only thoughts I had were from deep within. At various points during the session, I had no thoughts at all! It was a profoundly relaxing and meditative experience.

I was very surprised that 99% of the thoughts passing through my mind were overwhelmingly positive. As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety so much the past few years, this was extremely comforting and healing. I felt as though I had no more demons to fight even when I am completely alone with nothing but my thoughts. Thoughts of gratitude, hope, happiness, peace, and self-love continued to flow out as I floated – thoughts that seemed impossible for me to access even just a few months ago.

I left the tank feeling renewed and blissful. It will definitely become a regular part of my life.

In the float tank I had felt like I freed my mind from my body. About 10 hours later, I went to Bikram yoga to free my body from my mind. Being hyper aware of every part of my body with no other thoughts, I enjoyed how the “opposite” of my floating experience still led me to the same inner peace.



It has only been a week since my last migraine ended and I have been 100% free of pain and discomfort. But what a week! I finally bought new skating boots after 8 years to officially make it a part of my life again. I wake up early feeling excited and eager to move! I hate road running, yet I ran/walked 5k comfortably without pushing myself and still finished in 32 minutes. Not the ~20 minutes I used to be able to do, but definitely not a bad start!

In addition to the complete 180 improvement in how I feel physically and emotionally, there are visible changes to how I look. My skin is clear, soft, and glowing again. My body is firming up at a MUCH faster rate than I expected. My abs are making a comeback after 2+ years (see before and after pics)! It’s wonderful to see the outside reflect the changes on the inside.



I know this is supposed to primarily be a food blog and I haven’t been posting much food. In addition to all these activities, I have also been working a lot so I don’t have much time to cook. I’ve also been making my meals and snacks super simple on purpose to reset my tastebuds. I’ve already stopped having cravings for non-paleo foods.

Super greens, roasted chicken (olive oil, salt, pepper), and half an avocado. Blueberries for dessert.

Now I am off for a weekend of skydiving! Happy, happy, joy, joy!



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