Rediscovering the joys of exercise!

I became a bit of a couch potato while recovering from my knee injury and my surgery. It was really discouraging trying to return to my hobbies post-op. It was painful and I had no energy. I realized that most of what I do for exercise take tremendous amounts of energy and fitness. Getting in shape is hard, staying in shape is easy, but getting BACK in shape seems impossible! It’s so discouraging when I can’t do something that used to be easy. It’s depressing when your mind and body remembers exactly how to do something, but you no longer have the strength and endurance to do it. I also had zero motivation while I was dealing with depression, anxiety, severe breast pain, and migraines as a result of hormonal BC. I take full responsibility for my own laziness; I’m not trying to make excuses!

It has now been two months since I had my IUD removed – one good month followed by one really horrible month. Then a few days ago I suddenly woke up feeling good. So I went skating. The next day I woke up feeling great. So I went skating AND bouldering. I then realized it was the BEST I had felt in over two years!!


Yesterday I woke up completely headache free for the first time in over a month. So I went for a trail run. The views, the solitude, and the runner’s high… How did I ever let that go??


Today I woke up feeling AWESOME so I decided to go to Bikram in the morning. I’ve tried over the last year to go back to Bikram yoga, but would have to leave the class early due to pain or migraines. This morning I was able to finish a class without any breaks and feel the amazing mind & body high that I experience while practicing yoga. I can’t believe I almost forgot how amazing that feels. I felt so silly because I couldn’t help but smile to myself at every savasana. 🙂

Dare I say that I am finally 100% prescription medication and synthetic hormone free?!? I have no idea what else may come up in the future, but I will never stop moving living ever again! I’m super excited to be sharing my nutrition and fitness journey with you all again!

P.S. I bought a juicer last year. (I did a lot of binge online shopping while recovering. Not a coffee drinker, yet felt the need for a french press and milk frother. wtf was I thinking?) I’m trying to use it more so I can justify the purchase.

1 bunch kale, 2 cucumbers, 3 small carrots, parsley, 2 lemons, and spirulina. Does anyone know the best way to blend in the spirulina??



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