New skates!

I was able to start breaking in my new skates on Friday! I felt like Bambi on the ice – my feet felt so awkward! These new skates are at least a pound lighter than my old ones! I was able to do some spins, an axel, and a double salchow.

My second session on the new skates was yesterday. My spins felt faster and I could land double toes again. Progress!!! Not too bad for having barely skated in the last 8 years on brand new skates! I’m pretty confident that I will be able to get all my jumps back in no time.



Over the weekend I attended the Leap for Lupus boogie. I only ended up doing 4 jumps, but it was awesome to see all my friends from all over the country, many of whom I hadn’t seen in several months. A lot of them commented on how happy and great I looked, so I guess what I feel inside again is really starting to show on the outside! Without sounding vain, I’ve noticed a significant increase in compliments. Or maybe it’s only because I feel confident enough to accept them again; depression made me insecure and withdrawn. The greatest compliment to me right now is “you look so happy!!” It’s true. I look happy because I am happy. As it often happens in my sport, I was once again reminded that life is precious and short. Who knows how long I have left on this earth? So I am promising myself to not only live, but to thrive. I suppose I will decide what that means with every choice I make on a daily basis. So far I think I am succeeding!



My memberships to Bikram and the bouldering gym are very much being used on an almost daily basis. I have ran/walked/hiked more miles these last couple weeks than I probably have the last two years. I certainly have skated more than I have since I quit 8 years ago. My hobbies have become my passions again. I go to bed exhausted from a full day of work and exercise, but can’t sleep because I’m too excited for the next day!

And yes, this will revert back to being more of a food blog once the novelty of having my health back wears off!


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