Too much skydiving and not enough blogging

I feel like I’ve been failing all my readers! I’ve been jumping more than ever this season and have done about 130 jumps since March! That’s nothing for lots of skydivers, but for me it’s a lot! I’ve also been traveling a lot to boogies in order to jump. In early August when I last blogged, I was about to go to Skydive Chicago for Summerfest! A couple weekends ago I was at Skydive Oregon for the All of the Above Boogie. What’s a boogie? Think lots of skydivers, lots of jumps, lots of food, and lots of booze. Something along those lines. I’ve recently discovered that describing skydiving to non-skydivers is rather difficult! I’m attending a couple more boogies this year before I hibernate in the tunnel during the winter.

Remember how I’ve always said that skydivers have the best BBQs? Well Skydive Oregon actually found two Hawaiians so that we could have Kalua pork. Real Kalua pork. From the ground! The meat was just falling off the bone! It was delicious and very much paleo.





Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to stay paleo whenever I go to boogies. Dropzones tend to be located in the middle of nowhere and you eat what you can find!

Here’s a video from the Oregon boogie. See if you can spot me! I’m the one in all black with the pretty turquoise and black rig (the backpack thing).

I haven’t been cooking anything new lately so I haven’t had much to post. I’ll try to be more creative with my food choices this next week so I can start blogging again!

One more thing – I started Bikram yoga again after too many months off. My first time back was horrific. I thought I was going to pass out! It was like alternating waves of nausea and euphoria. I still managed to feel a body high despite feeling super sick! I’m definitely not in hot yoga shape anymore, but I’m working on it again!


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  1. epic leaps for epic eats

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