Coq au vin

Peasant food from any country seems to be so comforting, especially on a cold, windy, winter day! I finally went grocery shopping today and I made coq au vin for dinner.

Grocery haul
– Prosciutto
– Wild smoked salmon (small amount of brown sugar)
– Kerrygold unsalted butter (Irish butter is pasture butter. I plan on making clarified butter for hollandaise sauce)
– coconut flour
– almond flour
– unsweetened coconut flakes
– virgin coconut oil
– coconut palm sugar
– grassfed ribeye steak
– grassfed ground beef
– ground lamb
– local whole chicken
– free range eggs
– pancetta
– Fresh thyme, parsley, cilantro
– Brussels sprouts
– Guacamole


I looked at both Julia Childs’ and Ina Garten’s coq au vin recipes online to make mine. I used pancetta instead of bacon, used olive oil instead of butter except for when I made the roux with coconut flour to thicken the liquid. And I didn’t have pearl onions on hand so I just had big slices of yellow onion. I used half a $9 bottle of pinot noir, though I generally prefer using a burgandy. I basically didn’t measure anything and just threw it all in hoping for the best. So I don’t really have a recipe for you guys, but it’s super easy to adjust any coq au vin recipe to be paleo! Unless you’ve completely sworn off all alcohol…

My coq au vin should be called poulet violet à la fille impatiente (purple chicken by the impatient girl)! I am really bad at making slow food, especially when I am super hungry! I didn’t brown the chicken enough and adding the wine turned my chicken purple. I tried it the first time when the chicken was cooked before sufficiently thickening the stew- not so good. I went back and reduced the liquid to make a nice sauce- very good.


I used a whole chicken but saved a breast to eat tomorrow! I have no idea what to do with it yet. Day 3 of my paleo challenge went great! It’s super easy for me to stick to it after a year of the paleo lifestyle… But only as long as I go grocery shopping and have food on hand!


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