Rolling up some beef!

Beef Roulade

I saw something about roulades on the Food Network and decided to try it. I probably should’ve looked up a recipe or directions online, but that would’ve been boring. I don’t have a meat hammer, so I pounded a saucepan on some flat iron steak until it was flat-ish and rectangular. Then I spread chopped spinach, fresh basil, sun dried tomato, pine nuts, and garlic onto half the meat, then rolled it up. Salt, pepper, and olive oil on the outside. It held together well until I started cooking it, so I had to stick a toothpick on it to keep it from unraveling further. I seared the outside and then popped it in the oven on broil for a couple minutes. I probably should’ve left it in the oven longer since it was slightly rare, but then again, I like my steaks on the rarer side of medium rare!

The meat was super tender thanks to all the pounding. Tasted reeeeally good, especially with the fresh basil. It was a welcome change from a plain steak. Since this was an experiment, I made a really small one. I plan on making another roulade in the future with a bigger, flatter piece of meat! Plus I can’t wait to try all sorts of different fillings!







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