Thanksgiving food is evil!

I had originally planned on making some paleo Thanksgiving food, but I was voted down by the rest of the family. I love traditional Thanksgiving food so I didn’t complain too much.

Let’s just say I should have stuck with my initial plan.

After a huge dinner and leftovers for breakfast, I noticed I was sleeping a lot. That was fine, I knew I was going to feel lethargic since I always feel lethargic after eating a lot of non-paleo food. Plus it was turkey. Turkey makes you sleepy! And then the stomachache started. Worst stomachache of my life, hands down. Nausea and vomiting accompanied by a massive headache, weakness, and fatigue.

And somehow I made it to the tunnel to fly later that night. Now that’s dedication addiction right there. Doing something that makes me so happy helped me forget about being sick, but it was still rough trying to find a balance between drinking enough water to stay hydrated but not enough to make me puke.

Two days after Thanksgiving and I am still sick. No more throwing up, but that’s about the only improvement. I’ve been able to eat some prosciutto and oranges today.

You know why standard american diet = SAD?? Because it makes you sad. Super sad!

If we have Christmas dinner at home this year, I am cooking. Maybe I’ll roast a whole suckling pig. Who can turn down a whole pig?! People that I wouldn’t invite to dinner, that’s who!

Anyway, I feel awful about not being able to blog much these days. Only 1 paper, 2 presentations, and a take-home final exam to go! I only have to write 8 versions of a statement of purpose and I’ll be ready to submit all my grad school apps as well. Then I’ll be back to blogging all the time, I promise!


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