Absolutely delicious lamb meatballs

Just a quick post because I’m super busy with my two take home midterms. I’ve been working nonstop since yesterday morning! It probably wouldn’t be taking this long had I actually kept up with the readings… but this way I know what I’m looking for and I just have to skim most of it! When it’s a take home exam with a week to complete it, I find that I spend WAY more time perfecting my answers. Obsessing over them, really. I feel like take home means you’re held to a much higher standard and I stress so much! I am very much enjoying my classes. I am so glad I decided to take two classes this quarter because I’m now 1000% positive that public health nutrition is my path in life. Once I have time again, I will try to post some of what I’ve learned about metabolism and nutritional epidemiology.

I haven’t been outside in over 30 hours. I probably won’t be leaving the house until at least tomorrow night. Sitting for long periods of time is unbelievably difficult for me. I NEED TO MOVE!! I’m craving a loooong, strenuous trail run like nothing else right now! Get me to a mountain, STAT! Speaking of mountains, I am BEYOND excited for snowboarding season to start!! *SNOW DANCE!!!* Hopefully I get a lot of work done so I can be free tomorrow.

I’ll stop rambling and get to the awesome food. I just had to post today to share these amaaaaazing lamb meatballs with you all!! I didn’t have time to make a complete meal with all sorts of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern inspired veggies and sauces, but the meatballs by themselves are DELICIOUS and super quick and easy to make! Even my mom who hates the smell and therefore the taste of lamb thought they were really good!

I loosely followed this recipe, using most of the ingredients and ignoring all the directions. Instead of using 3TBS of semolina, I used a tablespoon of coconut flour. I might try using almond flour next time (finally restocked it). I didn’t measure the spices, just sprinkled them in pretty evenly along with a few shakes of sea salt. I also added some coriander and minced garlic (like a heaping teaspoon). Omit the vegetable oil! NO OIL! Why the recipe would call for oil when ground lamb is so deliciously fatty is beyond me! I was too impatient to let it marinate for an hour and cooked them immediately. Oh the wonderful aroma of the spices and the lamb that fills your kitchen… Be still, my heart!

Make sure they’re brown all over without actually overcooking them. This ensures a slightly crispy outside and a soft melt-in-your-mouth inside. Perfect meatballs! SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!! Noms. I think this would be great with a balsamic vinegar or maybe an apricot based sauce. Or even marinara! Or something with mint. Lots of possibilities!


Ok, maybe not such a quick post. It was way too fun to freely ramble on about food instead of working on my midterms. Time to get back to work! Wish me luck!


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  1. Well to be honest here, you guys were with me piikcng up the last few items I needed. I had already taken the big trip there to get most of the stuff I needed. But let it be known that Allison and her husband where with me at Whole Foods the night before I started to pick up the last few things I needed.


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