Tunnel and paleo success in Utah!

I’m back! I had the most amazing time in Utah! Visited an old skating friend I’ve known since I was 9 and flew all day at iFly Utah in Ogden, UT for 3 days straight! I am already suffering from withdrawal. Looks like I’ll have to visit iFly Seattle this week!

I’ve always mentioned how fast I recover from any sort of physical activity now that I eat paleo. Tunnel flying was no exception. I could just keep going and going and not be sore or run out of energy. To the point where people were wondering if I was even human. I hear “machine” used to describe me a lot these days. Being able to recover fast was integral to my learning at tunnel camp. I learned SOOO much and I don’t know how I would have been able to continue learning had I burnt out at any point. Another reason to eat paleo!

I can finally fly head down by myself!!! I had the most amazing experience in Ogden and am so in love with this tunnel for numerous reasons. Many thanks to Dusty for being a fantastic coach and to Ted and Eric for being so supportive! I can’t believe I accomplished all my goals for this trip!

I was rather successful in staying paleo during my 4 days in Utah, especially compared to my other tunnel trips so far. Aside from a few bites of pizza, one bite of chocolate cake, and an incident with a bit of cornbread after a couple of drinks, I did awesome. I ate sooo many Larabars during my 3 days at the tunnel. There was a little protein shake and bars store in the Gold’s Gym right next to the tunnel that carried Larabars. It was seriously a lifesaver because I needed to refuel frequently and didn’t always have time for a meal.

Cochinita PibilSonora Grill, Ogden, UT
“Slow-roasted pork dish originating from the Yucatan peninsula. Pork is marinated in citrus juice, seasoned with achiote, cloves, cinnamon and cumin, wrapped in banana leaf and slowly roasted until tender. Served with coconut rice, pickled onions, sour cream, cilantro and your choice of flour or corn tortillas.” No rice, no sour cream, and no tortillas. This was pretty salty and definitely would have tasted better with a lot of veggies!


Crab Stuffed Whole Trout – Mariott, Ogden
“Prosciutto wrapped Idaho trout, pecan brown butter, steamed potatoes & seasonal veggies” – No potatoes. I split half of this with a friend and ate half of his steak. I decided that I don’t love cooked prosciutto and I didn’t eat much of the pecan brown butter because it did nothing for the dish. Definitely gave me more ideas for cooking fish though!


Steak and Eggs – Mariott, Ogden
Need I say more? No toast, thank you!


Monterey SaladIggy’s Sports Grill, Ogden
I believe Iggy’s is a chain in Utah because I saw one in SLC as well. This was a pretty good salad! I should definitely make more salads at home, I forgot how much I love them! “Blackened chicken over spinach & romaine topped with asparagus tips, roma tomato, bermuda onions, avocado, artichoke hearts and egg with house dressing.” No dressing. I didn’t have to change anything else! Amazing! Salads taste so much better without dressing, in my opinion.


Iggy’s Sausilito Chicken – Iggy’s
“Sauteed breast strips with garlic cream, fresh basil, onion, artichokes and pinenuts, served with rice and vegetables” No garlic cream, no rice, extra veggies. This was good! Exactly what I needed after a long day at the tunnel. Definitely gave me ideas to make something at home.


Breakfast buffet at the Mariott
Bowl of pineapple and grapes, few strips of bacon (only ate one because it wasn’t good), turkey sausage patties, and an omelette from the made to order omelette station! The omelette: eggs, ham, sausage, mushroom, onion, green peppers, and salsa. Good way to start the day!


Sonora Salad – Sonora Grill
“Roasted chicken breast, panela cheese, pineapple, avocado slices, cotija cheese and pico de gallo on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce. Served with a side of avocado cream dressing.” No cheeses. The dressing is apparently dairy and gluten free, but I didn’t know what oil was used. Not that I like dressing so I just tasted it. This was really good! I was actually impressed with how great it looked and it tasted just like all those fresh flavors should! Definitely making this at home!


Cobb Salad – Iggy’s
“Chopped lettuce with diced chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, bleu cheese crumbles, black olives, pepperjack cheese and tomato with bleu cheese dressing.” No cheeses, no dressing. I also asked for no olives (don’t like them), but they came anyway. I find that cobb salad is pretty standard and easy to make paleo, so it’s an easy choice when eating out.


Odelay OmeletteThe Park Cafe, Salt Lake City
My last meal in Utah! My friend who lives in SLC played tour guide all morning and told me this was THE place for breakfast there. It was definitely good with very reasonable prices! “3-egg omelettes served with Park potatoes and toast…Sausage, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese, & salsa.” No cheese, no potatoes, no toast, substitute side of tomatoes. I rediscovered my love for omelettes on this trip. Takes a bit more work than scrambles, but I know I can make a good omelette!


My friend took me to “This Is the Place” and briefly told me about what Mormon history she knows. She’s not Mormon, but since SLC is so Mormon, she learned all about it when she moved there. This Is the Place is where the Mormons escaping persecution ended up and said “this is the place” to settle down. Or something like that. Beautiful views!


Salt Lake from the plane!



It’s nice being back in my own bed, but I’m already trying to plan a return trip! I haven’t been to Crossfit for a week since  I took Tues and Wed off last week to save my body for tunnel flying. I’m pretty excited to go back tomorrow! I’ve been craving an intense WOD all week!!






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