Happiness is a post-WOD paleo meal

Yep, I am back at CrossFit after 2 months off! This time at a box only 3 minutes away from my house! THREE MINUTES!! I could probably walk there (ha! I hate walking). I haven’t had that kind of luxury for any of my numerous activities in quite some time! Everything is usually so far away from me!

You know what feels really, really good? Being fit. Here I thought I had let myself get out of shape for a while, apparently I didn’t! So I gained a few pounds and was pretty lazy… Didn’t seem to slow me down too much, if at all. Today felt even better than the day before! Won’t be long until I’m back to feeling like I’m in the best shape of my life.

Happiness is a WOD followed by a paleo breakfast and fresh coconut water! Ok, maybe it’s the meal that makes me the happiest. Food tastes better after strenuous exercise.

Breakfast today, pretty typical: Chicken apple sausage, two eggs fried in coconut oil, grapes, carrots, and celery. All organic produce from my CSA! I decided that I much prefer the flavor of eggs cooked in coconut oil rather than olive oil. I’m almost exclusively cooking with coconut oil these days.


Yesterday’s post-WOD meal: egg fried in coconut oil, ground buffalo, heirloom tomato, and red bibb lettuce.


I love Mondays because I have a box from my CSA waiting for me at my doorstep!

I love that you can customize your order with Full Circle Farm. I definitely took out a few things and added more fruit to my box.



Funny question in my nutritional epidemiology class today: “How much do you think about food?” A LOT. I shared with the class that because I follow a specific framework of eating, it takes extra time and energy to make sure I consume the right foods and exclude the wrong ones. Cooking, grocery shopping, choosing paleo-friendly restaurants, ordering paleo-friendly food while out, and everything else associated with eating this way is time consuming when you think about it. Worth every minute though! I also shared that you only notice how much time it takes when you fast for a while and you have all the time in the world to be super productive! We’re each supposed to fill out a Food Frequency Questionnaire. It basically asks you how often you consume certain foods. Since half the questions were about grain-based foods, a lot of my bubbles were “Never or rarely,  less than once a month.”





Paleo Apple Crisp Attempt #1
Paleo-friendly(ish) desserts (usually raw vegan coconut oil based ones) are expensive! $3-6 for a tiny little slice or tart?! So I’ve begun my paleo baking experiments. The other day I tried making an apple crisp without a recipe. I’m going to figure out my own! I used pecans, coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, baking powder, apples, and cinnamon. I definitely needed to use granny smith apples (only had gala on hand) and needed way more oil so that it wasn’t all crumb. I have lots more ideas on improving this! I think this was an 80% success because it tasted good enough for me to eat the whole thing and gave me lots of ideas for improvement. I ended up burning the crumb layer and undercooking the apples… Oops! So this was more like an Apple Crumb/Powder rather than a Crisp.


Mixed it all up!

More adventures on baking to come! I just picked up some coconut milk today!


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