Deli counter meat, vegan desserts, and steak

What a busy week! I am definitely going to be struggling to fit meals in M-Th when I have classes in addition to all my activities and social life. So quality grocery stores have become even more important to me. After class last Wednesday, I had about an hour or so to eat before qigong class. Rather than finding a restaurant, I decided to grab some food at PCC Natural Market. They have a microwave for customers to use, so I went to the prepared food/deli section and bought grassfed steak strips and Greek herbed chicken breast. I also picked up some roasted veggies from the hot bar. I put everything into a box and microwaved it! Advantages over a restaurant: total control over portion size, grassfed/free range meat, and much cheaper! The veggies were underneath. I definitely didn’t get to finish my chicken breast, it was awesome as a late night snack.





I’ve talked about my love for Merry’s Miracle Tarts before and how I like to treat myself to gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free substitutes of my favorite desserts. I usually just go for the Merry’s lemon tarts because they are amaaazing, but I decided to try something new at PCC.  Earth Cafe’s Raw Vegan Carob Mousse Pie: soaked cashews, coconut, coconut butter, carob, distilled water, soaked almonds, agave nectar, dates, soaked pecans, soaked walnuts, vanilla bean extractive, cinnamon, lecithin, sea salt. This is sooooo gooooood. Wow. I was really impressed by both texture and flavor! How ironic that something raw vegan can make this paleo girl so happy!!




After a great qigong class, I took a bunch of non-skydiver friends to fly for the first time at iFly Seattle! They all loved it! I’ve decided to become a coach so I can teach my non-skydiver friends basic skills and be able to fly with them. I did some 3-way sitflying with two skydiver friends!20111001-112714.jpg


I haven’t been cooking much due to being so busy. A lot of my meals have looked like this: a steak on one side of the plate, veggies on the other side. Usually I have more than just mushrooms and onions, but I was super hungry and didn’t feel like prepping more veggies. Washing, peeling, chopping lots of veggies = time consuming!




So I added some Korean side dishes to my meal to add additional nutrients, color, and probiotics. Some radish kimchi and some cucumber kimchi. I still have an incomplete draft for a Korean side dishes post. Hopefully I’ll get that done some day!





I love finding paleo options at restaurants! They usually give me great ideas for meals to make at home. Mukilteo Lodge Sports Grille has this awesome steak salad! Mixed greens, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and flank steak (medium rare, of course). It comes with red wine vinaigrette and gorgonzola cheese, which I asked for on the side so that I could taste the salad the way it was meant to be. The dressing and cheese did nothing for me. I thought the salad was great with just the paleo ingredients. I definitely prefer salads without dressing now that I can truly enjoy the natural flavors of food. Why cover up all that flavor with a dressing? I will be making more steak salads for myself in the future!



Good news! I am cured of my addiction to rice cakes! Haven’t had one all week! It took three days of fresh coconut water fasting (I was going to do ten days, but ended up starting school and could not continue) for me to lose those massive cravings. I love fresh coconuts so much. Really great for hangovers too, like the one I had today after drinking too much last night. I realized that after a week of being very paleo, drinking alcohol affected me much more negatively than it does when I’m not so good about my eating.




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