Horse races at Emerald Downs

I managed to use my Groupon for the horse races at Emerald Downs last Friday, just as the season was coming to a close that weekend. It was a beautiful, clear evening! I had never been to the races before and my only knowledge of it was what I saw on Animal Planet’s “Jockeys.”  I tried my best at betting despite having no idea what I was doing, just $1-2 for horses to win, place, or show. I was only down by $4 at one point, but ended the night being down about $12. It would probably be really boring to watch race after race if you weren’t betting and didn’t have horses to cheer on.

See how pretty Mt. Rainier looks in the sunset! I love where I live.



It was pretty much impossible to take good pictures with an iPhone, which has been serving me well as my only camera for this blog.



The horses were so beautiful! You could see that they were nothing but raw power. Both the horses and jockeys are athletes! I think I’ve heard that jockeys are the strongest athletes in the world when you look at strength vs. weight or something like that? I imagine it’s not easy to stay on the fastest horses in the world!





Now for the food options at Emerald Downs were awful. AWFUL. There were limited concessions available, I believe there’s a restaurant in there, but I didn’t check it out. Look at this menu. People were lining up for this “food” and seemed to be enjoying it. The Groupon included $10 on food and non-alcoholic drinks plus I was hungry so I decided to take on the challenge of staying paleo here. The other menu board next to this had hotdogs and pretzels with nacho cheese.



The girl who took my order and made the food looked at me like crazy when I said no buns, no cheese, no fries, add bacon on my burger. Everything was pre-made, the burgers were floating in some sort of liquid, the bacon formed in a weird circle, then both were heated up on the grill. So much for the grille in “Paddock Grille”! There was absolutely nothing super perishable on the menu – no veggies! Everything came frozen and fully cooked. Look at it. It looks disgusting. I took a bite because I didn’t want to waste food, but I could not eat this. I’d say eat before or after getting here, unless your local track has much better options.




I always talk about how eating paleo in the modern world isn’t that difficult. I can even find things to eat at stadiums during baseball/football/soccer games! But I have finally been beaten by Emerald Downs, it was impossible. I will probably be back next year as a once a year type of outing, it’s not like I’m going there for the food.




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