I’m back! One week off was a bad idea!

Taking a break from blogging was a bad idea! I realized just how much blogging helps me stay on track this past week. Let’s just say that food logging went out the window when I didn’t have to post what I ate every day. I started off the week pretty well eating mostly paleo. But as the week went on, my addiction to rice cakes meant that I ate little else. I started waking up with rice cake cravings! I think I’m very prone to food addiction.

So I’ve recently talked about adding starch to my diet and having a more moderate carb approach. I discovered that carbs from starch actually slows me down instead of giving me more energy for my activities. I ate a lot of rice (in the form of sweet rice flour) and sweet potatoes. This past week, I found myself feeling increasingly lethargic and napping on a daily basis. Which then meant that I wouldn’t fall asleep until 2am and then I’d wake up around 8am feeling more tired than the day before. I’ve gained at least 5lbs and have felt swollen! Am I blaming the added starch for my weight gain and sleep issues? Not at all, it could have been a number of different things. All I know is that I feel better being much more paleo. Bye bye, beloved rice cakes! 😦 I’ll only make them for long extended hikes as on-the-go snacks.

Lots of other things to share from last week! I’ll be playing catchup in the next few posts. Not blogging for a week also meant that I stopped taking pictures of everything I ate as the week went on. It was so easy to lose that habit! So I don’t have a megapost of paleo food porn as promised. I just have a few pics to share. Besides, it seems like I ate mostly rice cakes anyway! I was also uninspired to make any new food, so this is all food I’ve posted about in the past.

Lamb with balsamic sauce on arugula, side of red chard and onions


Breakfast scramble – red bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, chicken apple sausage, onion, uncured bacon, and egg.


Roasted veggies – butternut squash, zucchini, garlic, red bell pepper, cauliflower, brussel sprouts (sooo good roasted), carrots, onions…





I have pictures of more paleo Korean food, but I think I’ll save it for a separate post so I can discuss their health benefits. Sooo much to blog about this week: Korean food, horse races, TRX suspension training, tunnel flying, qigong, taiji, Buddhist meditation, extended fasting… Looking forward to sharing all of that with you!


One Comment to “I’m back! One week off was a bad idea!”

  1. Hi there… I know this is an old post..but I am really intersted in how you made the breakfast scramble…what flavors do you use? i mean I know the veggies and what not makes it taste great..but do you use herbs spices? Please let me know… do you have a recipe?

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