I’m in love with iFly Seattle!!

Last night was AMAAAAZING!!! I had way too much fun flying at iFly Seattle!! The tunnel itself seemed huge, being 14′ in diameter instead of the 12′ that I’m used to at SFBay. It was also very white and bright in there! And so powerful! Plus the entire facility is amazing in general. All of you in the Seattle area should check it out! I did 15 minutes of 4-way RW with three great friends. For non-skydivers, RW stands for relative work, though the term has been replaced by formation skydiving. Basically, you make a set series of formations by docking on each other, i.e. turning points, as many times as possible. I’ve been mostly freeflying and don’t have much experience with RW, but managed to not suck and I miraculously remembered all the points! It was definitely a different kind of challenge from freeflying, but super fun too. I just love to fly. My lower back is sore today from arching and wearing a 15lb weight belt. Thanks DB, DZ, and JS for flying with me!!! I was also able to sitfly with EDS for a minute at the end of that session after hastily changing. Of course 16 minutes wasn’t enough for this crazed addict, so I did 4 more minutes of some 3-way sitflying with two people I met there! Then wine night with a bunch of skydivers after our tunnel sessions! I love my skydiving family!

Yes, wine night. I did have 1.5 glasses of red wine. But I avoided the CUPCAKES that were a foot away from me all night and ate fresh strawberries instead. I was tempted when I first saw them, then they stopped being appealing to me. I ended up convincing a couple people to try eating paleo. I feel like a paleo spokesperson because 1. I always end up talking about it and 2. people end up wanting to try it. I want everyone to feel and eat as great as I do!

I made up new food again! That’s always exciting!

Rosemary ham and granny smith apple eggs benedict
Out of all the eggs benedicts I’ve made, this may have been my favorite! Trader Joe’s rosemary ham lunch meat, fresh slices of granny smith apple, poached eggs, and my hollandaise sauce (now made with pasture butter). NOMMMMM. If you can’t find TJ’s rosemary ham, I’d still recommend sprinkling some rosemary on this. It’s lighter than my other bennies and not hot. All the flavors work really well together and you I love the textures. Seriously good.


Balsamic veggies and ground lamb on fresh arugula
I started by cooking the veggies in a big pan – I used onions, red bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms. Then stirred in a bit of minced garlic and the ground lamb. When everything was cooking in the lamb fat, I added balsamic vinegar and Italian seasoning until the lamb was cooked to my liking. Served on fresh arugula! Super good, super easy, and super filling.


Pan-fried pork with leeks and radish kimchi
I can’t really explain the leeks and radish kimchi since they’re just Korean sides made by my mom that I usually have in the fridge. But I love snacking on Korean side dishes with a small amount of meat.

Rice cakes
Not paleo, but gluten-free and Perfect Health Diet compatible! This is what I am obsessed with eating whenever it’s made at my house. I feel like I keep mentioning these rice cakes on my blog and I finally have a pic to share! I finally made my own yesterday, single serving (my mom usually makes a big batch and I end up eating too much). I will make another post today on how to make it. Ingredients: dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice, unsweetened dried mango, raisins, walnuts, pecans, sweet rice flour, water, and sea salt. If you include rice/gluten-free starches in your diet, this is a wonderful snack. After making this one single serving, I ended up making one more, a little bigger, haha… that’s the problem with something that’s super easy to make in 5 minutes.


Not pictured: 2 pieces 91% dark chocolate, Coconut Bliss naked coconut bar, and the rest of the granny smith apple.


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