Red chard is my new favorite green

Before I start my food post, I’m including a video of one of my wingsuit flights as promised. I wrote about the experience here.

Yesterday was Day 9 of my 30 day food logging challenge! I’m really glad I started because I can really track my eating patterns and see how I can improve my diet. My appetite has diminished and I’m starting to naturally regulate my hunger/eating again! “Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full” stops being so simple when you stop being paleo and consume tons of sugar for a while.

Not pictured:
– Leftover roasted pork shoulder that I found in the fridge
bruleed banana w/ toasted pecans and cinnamon
– One square of Theo Costa Rica 91% Dark Chocolate

Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bar
Tastes like a fudgsicle! So good!

Grassfed NY steak with red chard and onions
The side was amazing! I had to figure out something to do with the red chard from my CSA box so I found a recipe and made a few changes. I used 1 whole yellow onion, a bunch of red chard, a tsp of minced garlic, 2 tsp of capers, no olives, no brown sugar, no salt, no black pepper, and just a tiny sprinkle of lemon juice. I’m so glad I have more chard left! I couldn’t stop eating it!


I finally went grocery shopping at PCC Natural Markets, I didn’t have a chance to go to Whole Foods and use my Living Social voucher. I’m not sure which is more expensive, both are ridiculous! I did get a bunch of ingredients to start experimenting with paleo baking. I know that a lot of people recommend not trying to “paleo-fy” non-paleo foods, but I enjoy paleofying everything that I can! I’m super slow at grocery shopping because I look at all the ingredients from all the possible choices. And like always, pretty much everything I bought was organic and local if available.

– Ground local grassfed lamb
– Local grassfed lamb rib rack
– Grassfed top loin NY steak
– Hempler’s uncured bacon – local, thick cut, no nitrites, and contains honey instead of cane sugar like all the other bacon I find. The ingredient list was awesome!
– Wild sockeye smoked salmon – I found a sugar free kind with minimal ingredients!
– Red onion
– Avocados
– Granny smith apple
– Unsweetened dried mango
– Dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice (tastes better than Craisins!)
– Organic Valley pasture butter
– Coconut Bliss bars in dark chocolate
– Coconut Bliss bars in naked coconut
– Coconut palm sugar
– Unsweetened shredded coconut
– Dagoba cacao powder
Organicville ketchup – tastes amazing! Sweetened with agave instead of HFCS or sugar, only 6 ingredients.


I know, I know… There’s still a good amount of sugar in my diet right now, but it’s definitely getting better. I’m pretty sure I’ll always be struggling with a sugar addiction so I might as well find healthier low glycemic alternatives?


6 Responses to “Red chard is my new favorite green”

  1. Have you tried Central Market in Shoreline? I used to trek up there every so often when I lived in Ballard. Prices seem to be a bit better for high quality stuff.

    • Yep, I shop at the Central Market in Mill Creek all the time! Are the prices better? I’ll have to pay attention to that next time. I’m going to check out the Sno-isle Foods Coop soon, it sounds promising!

    • I use cut out the bottoms of plsaitc milk jugs to cover my tender plants and it acts like a mini sauna. On higher temp days unscrew the milk jug cap and you will not burn the tender plants up. I am in zone 5 and had cukes in early June Yahoooooo


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