Cooked fruit is great for dessert

I started off the day with another chicken apple sausage and squash (this time green, tasted a lot like zucchini but was round) eggs benny! The yellow between the squash and sausage is heirloom tomato. It started out green and then it turned yellow, but tasted normal. I definitely don’t know enough about tomatoes!


Then I started watching Top Chef Just Desserts and really, REALLY missed dessert. I decided it was time for me to venture into paleo dessert making. I’ll definitely be doing some paleo baking in the near future, but I started out simple.

Brûléed banana with cinnamon toasted pecans
Warm, mushy, crunchy, sweet, cinnamony… yum. I actually had two of these yesterday. The first one I drizzled it with a tiny bit of local honey, but on the second I omitted the honey because it really didn’t need any extra sweetners. I think my sweet tooth is starting to die and I’m going back to things being too sweet. You need a torch for this. You’re supposed to sprinkle the banana with sugar and then torch the sugar so it caramelizes. I obviously didn’t want to add sugar and found that torching the banana directly worked just fine. It burns the top layer, but it easily scrapes off and there’s caramel-y sweet banana underneath! This is my new favorite dessert, definitely tastes better than a Larabar!


I did a quick 2.5mi trail run at Meadowdale Beach Park yesterday, it’s mostly downhill to the beach and mostly uphill back to the car. In my Vibrams of course! It took me about 20-25 minutes. I definitely prefer longer hiking trails for my trail runs, but it’s really convenient having these parks close by! I snacked on some Trader Joe’s Rosemary ham afterwards. I really need to go grocery shopping, I want my prosciutto! Even all natural lunch meat has too many ingredients, including sugar. Prosciutto is just pork and salt, plus it’s delicious as a post-workout snack.

I was super hungry afterwards and ate some Korean food. Some bulgogi (marinated beef, contains soy sauce and a little sugar) and musengchi (a grated radish kimchi) wrapped in lots of red leaf lettuce and sesame leaves.

Then I was off to a skydiver BBQ after stopping at the butcher’s and picking up this huge T-bone steak. The T-bone is quickly becoming my favorite cut, especially because you get a little tenderloin on it. Plus there’s a bone and you all know how much I love eating meat off the bone! Sooo good! I definitely gnawed all the meat off the bone in front of everyone. What, it’s not like I was at a Michelin 3-starred restaurant (they don’t even exist here)… pretty sure that wouldn’t stop me either. I also tried some of my friend’s albacore, which he caught himself this past weekend! Grilled organic zucchini from my CSA box!

Another friend grilled pineapples to share! I ate several. I love grilled pineapple sooo much. It was the perfect dessert and I managed to stay away from all the cookies and edge-only brownies!


Not a bad food day, right? But after the BBQ I went to see “Contagion” at a theater that serves food and beer/wine during the movie. My friend ordered some of my favorite junk/bar food – mozarella cheese sticks and buffalo chicken tenders… I had one cheese stick and a few small bites of the chicken tenders. I was full but the temptation was too great! Funny thing is, it didn’t even taste as good as I remembered. On the bright side, I had no problems stopping and had no desire to drink. I enjoyed the movie, but it made me want to wash my hands and take a bath in hand sanitizer. I also felt like I was in epidemiology and geography of disease classes again! I highly recommend it to public health people and don’t recommend it to those with mysophobia.


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