“Live the good food life”

Thanks to a Groupon, I signed up for two home deliveries of organic produce from Full Circle Farm. Before this I had 5-weeks with Tiny’s Organics. It’s too early to compare the two right now, but I like the home delivery option of Full Circle. You can also go on the website, log into your account, and check off which items you’d never want since they pack a box just for you! But I didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t do that for the first delivery. The box is on your doorstep by 6am on Mondays!


List of contents:



I ate the 2 nectarines and 2 of the apples yesterday. The apples could have ripened a bit more, but the nectarines were DELICIOUS! They were better than the ones from Tiny’s Organics, but were also a different variety so I can’t exactly make a fair comparison. The quality of the produce did seem to be better though. With Tiny’s, the greens I’d get would always be a little wilted. Full Circle also has a satisfaction guarantee so if something isn’t up to par, you can notify them.

Besides the 4 servings of fruit, I had a chicken apple sausage and a Ginger Snap Larabar. I was out of meat and all the seafood was frozen, so I didn’t have many options yesterday. Of course I made another eggs benny!

Turkey bacon and eggplant eggs benedict
The eggplant from Full Circle was beautiful! So I used it right away at the peak of freshness. Eggplant, turkey bacon, fresh heirloom tomato slices, sauteed mushrooms, poached egg, and my hollandaise sauce. Delicious! But I did prefer some of the other benedicts over this one.


I had no idea what to eat yesterday since I usually plan my meals around whatever protein I have in the fridge. I only had chicken apple sausage! So I just ended up pulling various veggies out and cutting them up to cook everything in one big pan with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, mushroom, garlic, and one chicken apple sausage topped with fresh heirloom tomatoes. Pretty good and very filling!


Great food day! I’m starting to run out of fruit and don’t plan on getting more for a while until my sugar addiction subsides a little. I’m also going to Whole Foods to stock up on meat today! Check out LivingSocial for $10 for $20 worth of groceries at Whole Foods, today only!


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