I’m a fruit monster

I stayed home all day yesterday and spent many hours researching grad schools. I also spent a lot of time with my fids (bird people term, “feathered kids”), I definitely owe them a lot of attention! But being home and not moving much means that I snack. Nonstop. I was definitely 95% paleo, but ate more carbs than I tend to be able to tolerate. More fat and more protein would have been good. I find that when I eat a lot of carbs (starchy veggies, any kind of sugar), I feel fatigued and I have to nap for 2-3 hours. I also woke up with a headache this morning. Writing down everything I eat is making me reevaluate my food choices. Well, the choices weren’t bad, I just have issues with portion control. I find that the longer I go eating paleo every day, the less and less I crave sugar. However, considering that I’m just coming out of 3 weeks of vacation eating full of sugar, my sweet tooth is still making all the decisions. At least 5 of those kiwis and the 2 Larabars were entirely unnecessary. Plus eating so much throughout the day meant that I couldn’t go to hot yoga, I would have felt so nauseous! I miss having a satiable appetite and no sugar cravings! It was only day 2 of being committed to staying 95% paleo, I’m sure I’ll beat my sugar/food addiction issues once again. Before I started eating paleo, you could have replaced all the fruit and healthy snacks with twice as many servings of SAD cookies and other baked goods… I guess being a fruit monster is better than being a cookie monster – C isn’t for cookie anymore, it’s for vitamin C! Haha, he was my second favorite when I was growing up. Big Bird always had my heart! Of course he did, he’s a bird!

Day 2 food log: Gave up on the measuring/weighing…

  • Squid – cooked in the oven, dipped in a little bit of hot pepper paste/vinegar/sugar sauce. This was a Korean snack, if you didn’t figure it out. I ate twice as much as is pictured below. Sounds weird, but I really like it!
  • Ribeye steak with butternut squash “fries” (baked in the oven, plain with no oil or salt)
  • 7 kiwis
  • 1 pluot
  • 2 Larabars – Chocolate coconut and cinnamon roll
  • 1 Coconut Bliss bar
  • Two big bowls full of roasted veggies – butternut squash, zucchini, onion, garlic
  • Coconut water
  • Korean kimchi stew – basically just kimchi, pork, onions, and water
  • Small handful of cashews (I am more an almonds and pistachios fan, so I was able to stop at a handful)

Squid! The texture is kinda chewy in a soft yet firm way, not rubbery and not at all slimy. Hard to explain. It also has a very mild flavor, which is why the sauce is necessary. Eaten cold. The hot pepper paste sauce has rice vinegar, cane sugar, and fermented soy in it, but I only had about a tablespoon of it.
I decided not to toss the butternut squash fries in olive oil and sea salt like I usually do. I liked them so much more plain! The edges still crisp up without the oil.

I usually buy Naked (my favorite so far) or Vita Coco (can buy in bulk at Costco) coconut water, but picked up this can at the store the other day. I had tried Nature Factor before in CA, but couldn’t remember if I liked it or not. Definitely a different flavor, stronger than the other two brands I mentioned, reminiscent of burnt marshmallows rather than fresh coconut. It’s not bad though!

Definitely failed at intermittent fasting again. Maybe the 6 hour window of eating thing doesn’t work for me. I am way more successful with occasional 24-48 hour fasts.

It feels like summer has just begun here. Beautiful weather all week! I’ll be jumping today after talking to recruiters from grad schools.


One Comment to “I’m a fruit monster”

  1. I’ve found that fasting only really works well for me if I’m dialed in well with eating on-plan. In that case, my energy and blood sugars and appetite are well managed and well regulated, and shorter fasts often happen naturally. Dinner time? But I’m just not hungry … okay, I’ll wait till the morning to eat.

    But if I’ve been indulging in crap, fasting feels like some sort of painful punishment and is actually more likely to drive me to make bad food choices.

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