Thank you, sleep!

Last night I fell asleep by 10pm like I used to before messing up my sleep schedule. I woke up naturally at 6:30 feeling gloriously awake and refreshed. My mood is 200% better than it has been the last few days!!! What a relief! I was starting to think I was stuck in some sort of inexplicably sad, lazy slump. I’m pretty excited to go to boxing, MMA, and capoeira tonight! Feeling motivated to move again. It’s a complete 180 from my last two days. It’s a great reminder of how important sleeping and waking up naturally is to me. I’m always exhausted if I use an alarm after going to sleep late. Not to mention SUPER CRANKY.

The only thing I managed to do yesterday was shop for 5 hours. I usually love shopping (even marathon shopping), but it put me in a bad mood yesterday because 1. There was nothing I liked. 2. I specifically went to find a day dress to wear to a wedding and failed. I did find a James Perse t-shirt and a reversible knit cardigan on sale! Both gray and super comfy… surprise surprise. I could happily live in James Perse, JBrands, and Lululemon. I thought this S/S season was awful for clothes, but I’m pretty excited for F/W! I need to replace so much of my wardrobe due to going down 1-2 sizes in everything.

I loooved this L’agence dress that I tried on, but it wasn’t what I needed and also way too expensive for what it is. Still, it was so simple and beautiful with the lace at the bust. I like it in the gray color too, plus the lace shows more. Maybe if it went on sale? Or if one of you wants to be super generous and get me this dress in a size 2, it would be going to a very good home! 😉



I was super hungry after all the unsuccessful shopping, so I stopped by Cafe Campagne for some tartare de boeuf – “raw beef, shallots, capers, raw egg yolk and Dijon mustard served with toasted baguette slices and butter lettuce salad.” No baguettes, of course. I love beef tartare and tend to order it when it’s available. I love raw beef, but making it at home seems like an awful idea to me for some reason. The last time I had it at a different cafe, I couldn’t taste egg yolk. It’s just not right without egg yolk! This one was wonderful, very classically prepared without an overabundance of capers.


Exhausted and frustrated, I went home and was greeted by my CSA bag! Much more fruit this time – no complaints here! Everything is super fresh and delicious, just like last week. And no potatoes this time, yay!

This Week’s Harvest

  • Peaches: Sweet Scarlet and Saturn Donut
  • Honey Fire Nectarines
  • Lapins Cherries
  • Summer Squash Mix: Costata Romanesco, Eight Ball or Floridor
  • Lettuce: Jericho or Freckles
  • Cucumber mix: Armenian, Satsuki Midori, Lemon, Boosby Blonde or Poona Kheera


I forgot to include the big cucumbers in the group photo. These are huge! I need to find more ways to eat cucumber so that I like them more.



So far today, I’ve played the piano and helped my brother get ready for his first backpacking trip tomorrow. Going over gear, showing him how/what to pack, etc. I think it’s about time for me to go backpacking too. Anyone wanna go in a couple weeks? I’m thinking at least 2 nights, 10-20miles a day. I need to leave soon to shop for a wedding present and maybe find something to wear. Then a 3 hour workout! I can’t believe it has been a whole week since I’ve gone! Lots of exciting things for the weekend, but what I’m really looking forward to in in 5 more days!




2 Comments to “Thank you, sleep!”

  1. You could try a variation on the salad I made for you guys (with cukes, red onion, tomato, strawberries, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper). I’m with you in being a little stumped on what to do with cukes (though sometimes they’re nice to just cut in strips and sprinkle with salt and munch on, I can only eat so many that way!).

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