My rest day full of carbs

I’ve been so busy and so active this past week, I needed a full day of rest yesterday. I woke up at 5:45 thinking I would go to hot yoga at 6:30, but decided to go back to sleep. I was there less than 12 hours before anyway. I could have gone to the 9:30 class, but I had already started eating and I hate doing Bikram yoga right after eating.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I went trail running near my house on Thursday. I walked a mile to the trail (hate running on pavement) and ran about 2 miles on trail. You know what I felt while sprinting along the soft trail? Joy. Absolute joy. And I smiled as I ran faster and faster. The blue skies and the sunshine poking through the trees was a nice touch. I love that in my own neighborhood, there’s a little stream and a forest of trees for me to feel removed from civilization (nicely maintained trail aside) and completely at peace with the world for a little while. It was hot out though, since I went around 3pm. I was sweaty and started feeling nauseous from the heat. Of course I went to hot yoga an hour later for more heat… I think Bikram heat is different though, it’s more soothing than it is uncomfortable, maybe because I have a different mindset in the studio. I’ve mentioned going hiking/trail running, climbing, to Crossfit, and to hot yoga all week. So yes, rest was definitely needed.

It’s funny how I have to remind myself to rest. I always have so much energy. I enjoy the feeling of soreness because it means I pushed myself a little further. But my recovery times are astounding and I can always do more the next day. But allowing yourself to rest is so important! While I felt fine physically, I think I was exhausted since I ended up sleeping a lot.

My eating habits can be terrible on my rest days. Ok, maybe not so terrible compared to the general population, but terrible for me. I never cook or eat out on my rest days, I’m too lazy. So I eat whatever is available at home that requires zero cooking and is instantly edible. This usually isn’t a problem when I have plenty of paleo snacks at hand, but I’ve been slacking with the grocery shopping lately. They should have a paleo food delivery service!

So my mom makes these rice cakes out of sweet rice flour (mochiko), dried fruit (mangos, apricots, raisins), nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans), water, and a bit of sea salt. It’s not processed, it’s not unhealthy, and besides the sweet rice, the rest of the ingredients are paleo. The problem is that I can’t stop at one. For some reason, it’s like crack to me. Even though it makes me super full, I can’t stop eating them! Very carby, sugary, high calorie… mmm. I’ve asked her to stop making them while I recover from my rest day of overeating rice cakes. I ate 5 of them, that’s like 2lbs of rice cakes…

Do I stop there? No. I found strawberry ice cream in the fridge! So I had some of that too. At least it was all natural? Look at me justifying my non-paleo indulgences. I did go shopping later in the day and bought more Coconut Bliss…which I promptly consumed…hehe.

Then there were the peaches. I binge on fruit. It’s out of control. It has always been out of control. Remember my sweet tooth? My sweet tooth doesn’t discriminate between fruit sugar and dessert sugar. It loves it all. I ate 3 large peaches today. I would have eaten more had I discovered them earlier in the day/before the rice cakes.

So what’s missing from my diet yesterday?? MEAT. Specifically, fat and protein. In just one day, you can see how the lack of meat messed with my appetite and how I still wanted to keep eating even though I was full enough to burst. It’s ridiculous. I have elk steak and eggs for breakfast and I stop eating and feel satiated for 4 hours with plenty of energy. I eat rice cakes, ice cream, and fruit and I just don’t stop eating all day while having to nap in between. I also noticed that I am suuuuper thirsty when I eat a lot of sugar/carbs. I had two coconut waters plus several glasses of water and I’m still thirsty! I can just feel my body retaining all that water. Oops!

Between all my eating and sleeping, I managed to soak up some sun by the pool at my friend’s apt complex. I don’t know how people tan on a regular basis. It’s so, so, SOOOO boring. I cannot stay still for the life of me. But I tried, I needed the vitamin D and there’s no better UV protection than your own melanin. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any darker though. I glow in the dark, I’m so pale. These pics make me look normal colored because of the shadows. I’m really not, I even blind myself when I don’t have sunglasses on.



I’m soo glad my rest day is over. I really need to stop being so lazy and lax about food on rest days so that I don’t end up feeling so lethargic. Well I’m off to go hiking/trail running! 7.2 miles round trip with a 2000ft elevation gain. YAY!

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