Steak and eggs

I feel super lazy today. I went climbing yesterday, but didn’t do too much because I wanted to save everything for Crossfit this morning. Except I didn’t make it… I slept in! I suppose I can go to an afternoon session, but I’m never as motivated in the afternoons. Maybe I’ll skate and do hot yoga today. I feel obligated to exercise these days because I have so much energy. I can’t sit still anymore!

Elk Steak and Eggs
I always thought that steak and eggs were a strange breakfast, so I had never tried it. Why would anyone want steak for breakfast? But I had a small elk steak and eggs and not much else in the fridge for breakfast. My life just changed. I love steak with over easy eggs so that I can dip the steak in the egg yolk! This kept me feeling satiated for at least 4 hours.



Steak Tartare Café Presse, Seattle
After climbing, I volunteered for a couple hours and had a half hour break before I had to go to an HIV 101 class mandatory for all volunteers. So I speed walked over to this little French cafe for some quick food. What is quicker than something that requires no cooking? I ordered the steak tartare – “Raw, hand-chopped and seasoned NW Grass Fed sirloin and hanger steak, fried potatoes, watercress salad.” Local grass fed steak tartare?!? YES!!! I skipped the potatoes and asked for extra salad instead. The server didn’t know if it was possible to get extra salad, but he said he’d try, so I’m not sure if I did get any extra salad. I had been craving steak tartare all week so this was perfect. However, I could have really used a nice over easy egg with it, or at least an egg yolk on the tartare. It was also pretty salty because of the capers. Now, are capers even paleo? There seems to be debate on that.



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