Elk steaks and trail running

On Saturday I went hiking with a friend and his sister’s two Siberian huskies to Wallace Falls. It was about 5.5 miles round trip. I like hiking, but I like trail running more. I’m not patient enough to enjoy the scenery at a slow pace, I want to get to whatever the main attraction is asap. So my hikes always turn into trail runs! I LOVE trail running, especially compared to running on pavement or on a treadmill (waste of time!). I love the softer surface of dirt, the varied terrain, the elevation gain, and the agility needed to maneuver around any tripping hazards. I’m actually pretty clumsy until you get me on a trail! It’s super fun for me. I wore my Vibrams and am even more in love with them. I love being able to feel the ground and how my foot reacts to the different surfaces and angles. I felt so much more secure running up steeper parts of the trail and I loved how light they were on my feet, like I wasn’t even wearing shoes! I ended up taking both the dogs because my friend had a bad knee and was too slow for me. Funny thing is, I had so much energy that I ended up pushing the dogs a lot (with my hands on their bums) on the way up. They decided to run on the way down and so I was running down hill while pulling them back. What a workout!! Because of where the dogs were in front of me, it was really hard to see where I was going, so my run wasn’t as efficient. I ended up being pulled to land really hard on a root with the middle of my left foot. 10 hours later, it hurt really bad. I could barely sleep because it was cramping up so badly! The next morning I couldn’t even walk on it, but I went to Bikram anyway… and guess what? It was 100% normal afterwards! Hot yoga is miraculous!!!

The trail follows the river for the first mile or so. The dogs enjoyed dipping into the water.


I took along almonds and clementines as snacks, along with lots of water and coconut water. I would have loved to have some jerky or prosciutto too! Not sure if you can see very well in this pic, but there are callouses forming on my hands from climbing and crossfit.


The upper falls!


The middle falls were much more spectacular.




Elk Round Steaks

When I got home, I made myself elk steaks! Look at how dark and lean the meat is! I really enjoy the flavor of elk. It’s mildly gamey and tender if you cook it right. I sear both sides on a cast iron pan and stick it in a 400 degree oven for only about 2 minutes for perfect medium rare steaks. These steaks were pretty thin and they cook much faster because of the lack of fat. I seasoned them with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and Italian seasonings.




While the steaks were good plain, I couldn’t help but make the balsamic vinegar, chicken broth and shallots sauce that I first mentioned in this previous post. This time I added some garlic to it. SOOOO GOOD. I would have loved mushrooms with this. I have more ideas for the rest of the elk meat I have. I think a huckleberry sauce with mushrooms would be awesome with it! 20110725-015057.jpg



I’m definitely going to be trail running every saturday morning from now on!  5-10 miles with plenty of elevation gain. I love being outdoors in the fresh air amongst all the trees I love so much. 🙂



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