A peachy summer day

My Bikram instructor says a lot of awesomely wise things in the 90 minutes. I’m always so focused on my poses that I can never exactly remember them afterwards, but I always mull over them for a moment. This morning was no different. She said that we would all be beginners forever. I strive to be of at least intermediate proficiency in everything I do, so of course being a beginner forever would bother me. I’ve been seeing significant progress in my yoga practice and I get more addicted with every class. She also said something about devoting oneself to yoga. Well maybe I’m devoted, not addicted. Addiction has a negative connotation, devotion sounds much better and gives an idea of the passion I have for all my favorite activities.

I find that going to yoga in the morning sets the pattern for the rest of the day. I eat better, I drink more water, I am more relaxed, and I just feel happier with myself.

Today actually felt like summer! While the rest of the country seems to be burning up, we’re at least 2 months behind schedule with our weather. I always look forward to peaches in the summer. Back in the day I would be busy making peach cobbler (I would eat the whole pan by myself on a regular basis), but not this year! I’m eating my peaches fresh and using them for paleo cooking purposes. Ooh maybe I can make a paleo peach cobbler!

Roasted pork shoulder with peaches
Remember the pork chops w/peaches from this post? Thank you Krisanne for introducing me to this fabulous dish and giving me the recipe. I decided to try it out for myself for lunch today. I did not have pork chops, so I just sliced the pork shoulder I had in approximately 1 inch slices. I pretty much followed the recipe, but added zucchini and carrots. I think celery would have been great with it as well. The addition of the other veggies resulted in a slightly more watery sauce, but I loved the extra color and texture. I used both yellow and white peaches. I dislike white peaches because they lack the tartness I look for in fruit. I got the yellow peach from Pike Place Market and it was hands down the best peach I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t organic and I am a bit neurotic about pesticides in peaches so I peeled the yellow peach. The white peaches were organic so I left the peel on those.



Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut
Sunny day calls for frozen treats! I talk about it more in this previous post. I can’t stop myself from eating the whole pint if I eat straight out of the container. So I’ve started scooping out exactly one serving (1/2 cup). It’s crazy how small one serving really is. Maybe I should get smaller bowls to give myself the illusion of eating more of this super delicious ice cream alternative.


Butternut squash fries
Yes, I realize that butternut squash is not summery at all. I eat way more butternut squash when they’re in season and local. But I love butternut squash so much that I can’t help but get some when I see them at the grocery store. I baked more fries today and experimented with cinnamon and coriander as seasonings. Coriander wasn’t good, what was I thinking? Luckily those were only 3 of the fries. Half of them were sprinkled with cinnamon, which I really enjoyed, but I think plain sea salt ones are still my favorite.

I’m going hiking tomorrow morning! Woohoo!


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