I love my Vibram Fivefingers Treksports!!!

As much as I love all my beautiful shoes, mostly with 4 inch heels, they don’t get nearly as much wear as my “ugly” shoes. Fall/Winter I like my Uggs. Spring/Summer I’m all about my Keen sandals. And yes, like the PNWer I am, I even wear socks with them when I feel like it.

And now, I’m the proud, unashamed owner of THE UGLIEST shoes that have ever been on my feet: Vibram Fivefingers TrekSport. Of course I had to get a bright blue and grey pair (that happen to match my skydiving gear…haha). They didn’t have black in this model at REI, or I would have gone with black in an attempt to be more inconspicuous.


I mean they are really, awfully, offensively ugly. But I LOVE THEM. LOVE. My love for these shoes is infinite. Especially after working out in them for the first time yesterday. They are PERFECT for Crossfit. I love the way they let your feet work with you instead of against you while lifting and squatting! And while running! My feet are so happy while running, especially as I get tired. Not only are feather light, but I run much more efficiently in them. I’m not going to explain all the benefits of being barefoot and barefoot running since you can just google that, but in these shoes, you definitely feel all of your feet. I have super sensitive feet and can’t really walk around barefoot outside, but the soles of these shoes make my feet happy. My feet are cushioned and protected while still being able to “feel” and “grab” the ground. I’m never working out in sneakers again! I can’t recommend them enough.

I “graduated” from my on ramp classes yesterday and will be joining the WOD classes next week. I’m definitely ready, the workouts were getting way too easy. I haven’t been sore since after the first class. I don’t feel like I worked hard enough unless I experience DOMS. After all, being sore means you’re getting stronger!

After Crossfit I stopped by Whole Foods for breakfast before going to my volunteer job. I felt a little silly being out and about in my Vibrams, but they’re just so comfy, you forget you’re wearing shoes at all. They also attract a lot of attention and people definitely ask about them. I think the electric blue probably has something to do with it. I helped myself to their amazing salad bar for breakfast because their breakfast bar is awful for paleo eaters, there’s butter and cream in everything. Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, artichokes, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, celery, chicken, almonds, and dried cranberries with a tiny sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. I also got some prosciutto as a snack.


I took the 6:30am Bikram class today after waking up naturally at 5:30am. I was at the studio by 6:10. I love how much of a morning person I am. I used to have major sleep issues and not be able to sleep until 2am, functioning best after sunset. Now I’m an early riser and pass out when it gets dark. I’m seeing real progress with my flexibility, balance, and strength! I was able to push my body further than ever before. I talked to the teacher after class about how impossible some of the poses are because my legs are bowed (my knees can’t touch when I’m standing with my feet together). Apparently I can improve that by opening up my hips and hamstrings? We’ll see. But she did tell me that I was “built like an athlete.” That made me sooo happy because I’ve heard “you’re so skinny/tiny/thin” too many times these past several months. I’m not, stop making me feel puny! I’m lean, but I’m strong! STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY!!

In other news, I’m flying down to CA again tonight for more tunnel time. I’m definitely going to try staying 100% paleo this time, wish me luck! I’m also taking my hot yoga clothes because there’s a studio near the tunnel! I’ll probably post from my phone while I’m there. I find that blogging helps me stay more compliant. And guess what shoes I’ll be wearing the whole time?? My Vibrams!! I imagine that they’ll be awesome for tunnel flying too.


3 Responses to “I love my Vibram Fivefingers Treksports!!!”

  1. I love my Vibrams. I’ve had them for close to a year and I own two pairs. I love the reaction that I get from people. Plus, I feel like people come up and talk to me more, which is fun. 🙂 Enjoy the new shoes!! The blue is so much fun and a great summer color.

  2. Hee hee. You have Smurf feet. 🙂


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