Tremendous strength?!?

Hot yoga yesterday felt amazing!! So much better when you’re not sore! I wish I had time to go today as well, but I have plans to climb tonight instead. Tomorrow morning for sure! I really liked the instructor (who happens to be the owner) because she called me out by name to give corrections and praise. I felt like I really got a lot out of it. After class, I asked her how soon I should practice Bikram after an intense workout to minimize soreness. She told me it’s different for everyone and that I should experiment with different times to see what works for me. She also told me I did an awesome job and that I have “tremendous strength.” She actually repeated that a few times since I was so incredulous. Who, me?!!? Tremendous strength?? Really?!? Noooo…

While I’m probably much stronger than the average girl, I don’t believe I possess “tremendous strength” by any means. I’ll get there someday! That’s why I’m back on the Crossfit bandwagon! I truly believe it is the best strength and conditioning program available to the general public. I found myself really enjoying the workout today despite the inclusion of my least favorite exercise – the dreaded sit ups. I have enough core strength for the activities I do, but not enough to do a sit up by myself (without weights on my feet). My excuse is that my boobs weigh me down. And my toned abs mean absolutely nothing! Well… it means I eat paleo. 🙂

Today was my second out of five Crossfit Essentials (aka Ramp Up) classes. I still feel weird being in the class all by myself, but it definitely goes by a lot faster. The warm up consisted of a bunch of things that I don’t really remember now, review of some of the exercises from last Thursday, and trial reps of all the exercises from the workout today.

Front squats (45lbs)
Kettle bell swing (~26lbs)
Push press (25lbs)
Sit ups

The 21-18-15 means that I go through the list 3 times, first doing 21 reps of each exercise, then 18, then 15… The goal is to finish as quickly as possible and you are timed. I finished in under 12 minutes, which dragged on forever! So yes, another triumph for me – I showed up AND I finished! Woohoo! I also noticed that I smile while crossfitting… like I said before, I smile when I’m both happy and miserable. I didn’t need to rest at all and maintained a good pace for the front squats and kettle bell swings. I could have had more weight to be honest, but I’m an underachieving wimp when it comes to working out. The push press was the hardest for me to get through. For the last two sets, I divided up the reps into 3 and rested my arms in between. And the sit ups? Thank you 25lb weight on my feet! Nothing like Crossfit to make me feel like a weakling without any strength at all!

I don’t like to eat at least 3 hours before workouts. Morning workouts mean that I just eat a good dinner the night before and eat afterwards.

Carnitas salad (Carnitas attempt #3b)
This was super good! I ate it for dinner last night, but I generally prefer salads for lunch. These were the best carnitas yet! I basically did the same thing as attempt #3, but finally had chili powder and a cinnamon stick on hand. I also broiled half an onion in the remaining juices after taking the meat out. The onions were fantastic! I made a salad with the baby greens from the garden, a tomato, half an avocado, the onion, and the carnitas. I squeezed lime all over everything and it was ready to eat! This ended up being way more food than I anticipated, so I was super full after I was done. I have a thing against leaving left overs unless I absolutely cannot take another bite… I like seeing a clean plate when I’m done!


Post-workout snack
I wasn’t hungry enough for breakfast after my workout this morning, so I just made myself a little snack. Prosciutto, raw almonds, small organic banana, and coconut water – filling and restorative! I ended up eating more prosciutto than pictured here… so addicting.


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