I can’t… eat pork crackling

Every Monday, I become Coach Jeanna for a local Learn to Skate program. I teach Snowplow Sam 1 & 2, the very beginner level for 3-4 year olds to get accustomed to being on the ice. I teach them how to get up by themselves from a fall and that falling is ok. They learn how to march around the ice picking up rubber duckies and playing games. When teaching little kids who are just discovering their individual likes and dislikes, it’s really obvious when they absolutely love being on the ice. The passion is there from the very beginning. My skating friends and I can all tell you about how we never wanted to leave the ice when we were first starting out, which led to 10+ years of dedication to the sport. Then there are the kids who absolutely hate it.

I have one such child in my current class. He refuses to move or try anything. He probably says “I can’t!” about 100 times per 30 minute class while I try to encourage him in every way possible. “Sure you can! I know you can! Say ‘I can!’ and try it!” No matter how much positivity I exude, it’s a losing battle. I have never encountered such a negative attitude from a 3 year old. But then again, how many 3 year olds do I know? I am shocked at how early “I can’t” becomes a part of a person’s regular vocabulary. “I can’t” leads to not even trying. How will you ever find out that you’re more than you think you are if you don’t even try?

I grew up believing I CAN do anything I want to do, that I CAN be anything I want to be. I continue to believe that I CAN and as a result, obstacles just don’t exist for me. I don’t see them or recognize them. My great fear of failure does not stop me from trying, it motivates me to not fail. Like the little boy in my class, I know so many adults who are adamant that they CAN’T. I wonder if the difference between a CAN and CAN’T attitude starts when we are toddlers learning about ourselves. As adults, parents, educators, and role models, it’s so important to lead by example with a positive I CAN attitude. I’m trying to do my part, are you? And if you’re an adult who CAN’T, maybe it’s time to see that you’re not special – you certainly CAN just like the rest of us. The human body and mind are capable of truly amazing things and if you’re reading this, you’re human.

Speaking of “I can,” I can now boulder without fear! Ask me again after my first real fall, but for now I am past my fear of bouldering. I love how I get better every time I go! I warmed up on some V2s and started to attempt my first V3 climbs. There’s a very noticeable jump in difficulty! I’m even more motivated now. Going again tonight! I should have signed up for a membership sooner, I’m getting so much use out of mine!

I also signed up for Crossfit again. I start tomorrow at 7am… will let you all know how that goes!

Pork Belly

I found pork belly in my fridge yesterday. I thought it was about time for another attempt at making delicious pork belly after I had less than great results last time. After a quick google search for “pork belly recipes,” I decided to make this. Do I ever plan in advance or have ingredients on hand? Nope. So I used dried thyme leaf and a yellow onion. I also didn’t make the gravy.

I WANT to like the crackling/rind/skin. I really do. I keep trying to like eating it, but I really hate chewing it. Maybe I’m making it wrong? I like the flavor, but the texture is just not happening for me. As always, I loved the veggies roasted in pork fat. The veggies turn out extra delicious since there’s so much fat in pork belly. I should have added way more. The thyme was fantastic. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this dish and recommend it if you are looking for an easy pork belly recipe. Maybe you’ll like the crackling better than me.



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