No buns necessary

I picked up a couple of hamburger patties along with my T-bone steak on Saturday. My pre-paleo experiences with making burgers at home were all with frozen beef patties from Costco. I was never much of a burger eater. But paleo burgers with grassfed beef patties? I could eat these every day! I ended up eating two yesterday. Who knew life was better without buns?? I used the soft, gorgeous red leaf lettuce I bought at the farmers market. There’s just something so natural about wrapping meat up in leaves. The only complaint I had was that these patties were too small. I’m definitely getting ground beef and making my own big, fat, juicy burger patties next time.

Burger #1
What a wonderful lunch outside on my deck! I sauteed red bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms with some balsamic vinegar for this burger. It would have been even better as a lamb burger with some goat cheese.

Burger #2
My BLTAO burger!! That’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion burger for those of you who are acronym-ally challenged. (I am! Took me years to find out that IHOP and International House of Pancakes were one and the same.) This was soooo good. I cooked the bacon first on a cast iron skillet, then cooked the patties in the bacon fat for extra deliciousness! This had great texture and layers of flavor. No sauces or cheese needed!

And guess what I have thawing? Copper River Salmon! Tastes even better when fresh, but freezing is necessary when you get at least half a dozen whole fish at a time. We have a family friend who is a fishing boat captain. Several times a year, we receive huge boxes of various seafood as gifts. I’m excited for lots of salmon this week!


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