My flower outfit!

Note: This post has nothing to do with the paleo diet.

I think making costumes and being crafty with a hot glue gun is now a legitimate hobby for me. So fun!


This is what I wore to Beyond Wonderland last night. I got stopped and complimented at least a hundred times on my makeup. Though a bunch of random people at the show took pics of me, I didn’t take my camera. So these pics were taken when I got home. I found these awesome purple fake eyelashes and used bright green, purple, and yellow eyeshadow. I glued the fake flower on my face using eyelash glue. Everything stayed on remarkably well considering that I was dancing for 5 hours with 10,000 other people. I made the flower sash using tulle, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun. The bandeau top was so comfortable and secure all night! And who knew that I could pull off high waisted hot shorts?!? Maybe I can attribute that to being paleo so that this post is somewhat relevant to my blog?

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2 Comments to “My flower outfit!”

  1. you are gorgeous!!! nobody would believe all the yummy food you eat 🙂 love the costume!

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