Before and after pics

I definitely did not start eating paleo to lose weight. I always thought I looked great despite the weight gain after I quit figure skating. The weight fat loss occurred naturally as I ate and ate and ate paleo food. I am leaner than ever before, including when I was a teenager skating and working out 10-20 hours a week. I feel so much more comfortable, as if this is the exact body composition and size I’m supposed to be.

I was debating whether or not to post pictures of my physical transformation on the paleo diet. I decided to post them because becoming leaner and stronger is a part of eating this way.


Left: ~140lbs, but I was usually in the mid 130s the past few years. Right: January 2011 ~123lbs after 75-80% paleo (still eating rice and cheese somewhat regularly).


April 2011 ~120lbs, over 90% paleo. Diet only, little exercise.

(Late 2011 I had gained about 8lbs by adding exercise and was at 12.3% body fat. There are pics in various posts during that time period.)


Update: It has been over 3 years since my last pictures, so I thought I would add some new ones. I think it’s super fascinating just how much your body can change over time.

I stopped blogging in September ’12.

December ’12: ~127lbsMaybe 70% paleo? Around the time when I started seeing the lump on my abdomen.



Post-surgery, May ’13:  I wasted down to ~115lbs. This was awful, I felt like a bag of bones. 😦




The new BEFORE pic: March ’14 ~132lbs

Thanks to a combination of little exercise and a diet full of pastries and take-out, I gained almost 20lbs in a year! No paleo diet here!



August ’14 – I am working on my new AFTER! Pics to come.




25 Comments to “Before and after pics”

  1. Wow….I think you looked so much better BEFORE. You had curves and a shape! Good luck with your journey.

  2. How tall are you?

  3. It took me nearly all day and a few breaks to read your entire blog. Great food. I will be returning often and give some of these a try. I think you are doing a great job. You are very beautiful in all of your pictures both before and after, the real secret is in your health. Like Bella says above, you are beautiful before and after but a true test is, are the internal and external in harmony. Feel, look, perform better. Ask yourself those questions, what you answer is for you only. Doesn’t matter what others think. Like with the Movnat philosophy, you can bench press or deadlift all the weight in the world. but, is that real world health, or mirror health. I think on this lifestyle, we can at least last through the zombie apocalypse!!

    • Wow, THANK YOU for all your kind words! I can’t believe you read my entire blog! You’re completely right about the internal and external needing to be in harmony. I am the healthiest i’ve ever been in my life, both inside and out. People tend to focus too much on their exterior appearance when it has such little significance compared to how you feel on a daily basis. I know that a lot of people start the paleo diet to lose weight and find my blog by searching for before/after pics. I hope they also look at my other posts and realize that eating paleo isn’t about dieting, but about improving health from the inside out.

  4. I think you look fantastic, thanks for posting pictures! When was the first and last picture taken?

    Great site by the way 🙂

    • Thanks! The first before picture was from December ’09, but it’s basically what I looked like up until Summer ’10. I started eating ~75% paleo and cut out processed food in last Fall and that second before pic is from around January ’11. The after pictures were both taken in April. All the changes shown in these pictures were entirely due to the change in diet. The last couple months I’ve been more active than ever and I started Crossfit, so I will probably need to post After After pics since I am more toned now than ever with the addition of exercise.

  5. Wow you have totally changed your shape! You look amazing! Just wondering whether you followed a book or just made conscious efforts to cut out processed foods?

  6. thats how i first got into paleo through robb wolfs book it completely changes your life!!! now buy it for gifts and re purchased it for kindle!

  7. Wow. So I think the Paleo diet is great and I know you’re doing this for health not vanity, but I have to agree with some of the previous posters in saying you’re before picture is looks incredible. You still look plenty fit but still so…feminine. At 123, you are considered to be underweight for your height. I think that you could benefit from gaining some weight/muscle, which you can still do while on a diet of unprocessed biologically appropriate foods (i.e. Paleo). Of course you’re going to do what’s right for you and I hope I’m not coming off as judgmental, it’s just one perspective.

    • I wouldn’t be considered underweight until around 115lbs. And I’m actually pretty much all muscle with 12.3% body fat. As an athlete, I know I perform my best where I’m at now. I don’t really care what my body looks like, just what it can do and I’m currently in the best shape of my life, no change needed. 🙂

      • I love this response! I have been trying to implement as much paleo in my life as possible, and aside from how it has changed my appearance some its the feeling of being on Paleo which is for more significant. Great work! and you’re pretty hot too

  8. I just started on the Paleo journey after gaining 10+ lbs starting a new, very sedentary job. I’m wondering how MUCH you ate when you started Paleo because I feel full but empty at the same time, it’s sort of hard to describe! I am now almost 130 lbs after always being around 115, you are such an inspiration because I see that someone with my figure can DO IT! Thank you so much for posting about your experience!!!

  9. Thank you for such an inspirational blog! You did a great job. It took me a few days, but I read through it all, and will be again I’m sure! You look fantastic, and good for you for keeping your head on straight. You looked great before but I don’t agree that you look “less feminine” now. You look FIT. I wish you continued good health and success. You deserve it!

  10. You look fantastic – before and after! 🙂 Love your blog.

  11. i like before better

  12. Gosh I just have to say that your second ” before” picture is the most god damn wonderful body ever! I am a teen girl btw. Your after pictures are nice too and I completely understand if you feel you perfrom etc better with that body. However, I I just can can not get over that second before pic. I have had anorexia and for whatever reason, now, I have stopped growing at 4 and a half feet tall. I may have a few more growing years, but I feel I will never be beautiful if Im not a bit taller. I just want to say…I wish I looked like you…in any of the pictures really.

  13. While I agree with some that your shape was fantastic in your before pictures (as you even mention yourself), there’s something to be said about looking and feeling your best. That’s an entirely personal decision and state of being. Congrats on reaching your goals and feeling great.

    Oh, and if you’re ever in Lexington, KY, look me up via email. 😉

  14. You LOOK Fantastic Before and After! How long did it take for you to reach that your current physique?

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