Stadium food is not paleo food

I went to the Mariner’s game with a friend on Saturday. We lost 9-1 to the Oakland Athletics, but I still had fun suffering along with the rest of the crowd. I love going to professional sports games and a part of the experience is drinking beer and eating stadium food. Safeco Field is full of the usual offerings: nachos, hotdogs, garlic fries, pretzels, cotton candy, fish and chips – processed, bready, sugary, greasy, potatoey junk. I have a special place in my heart for stadium nachos and garlic fries, but I managed to avoid them this time!

My friend got a hotdog, chili nachos, and clam chowder. I admit I stole ONE bite of the nachos and a few spoonfuls of the clam chowder. Like I said before, I don’t deny myself anything if I really want it. Luckily they were chili nachos (I don’t like chili) and not the pulled meat kind or this might be a post about how sick I am today!

Walking around, I found a better option for myself. Garlic beef without the rice from Thai Ginger. It’s still not paleo since I definitely tasted soy sauce and sugar, but I could have done much worse!

Didn’t taste bad at all – beef, carrots, and broccoli, not as garlicky as I thought it would be. I was perfectly satisfied without nachos and garlic fries. I actually didn’t miss them much, especially after I had a bite of my friend’s nachos. Processed nacho cheese and salty tortilla chips don’t taste as good as I remember.

I also had ONE beer, a hefeweizen, instead of three or four. Sure I could have skipped the beer, I just didn’t want to because I was at a game! I’m still working on letting go of the social foods and drinks that are so tied to the American culture. Being satisfied with just one beer during an agonizingly terrible game is definitely a start!

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One Comment to “Stadium food is not paleo food”

  1. Thanks! Heading to the game right now and was wondering what I could eat for lunch. Think I will try the gInger beef….Go Mariners!

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