Positive changes

Since adopting a mostly paleo diet several months ago, my body composition has completely changed. I lost close to 20lbs and I’ve shed all excess fat without losing any muscle. When I quit figure skating, I basically stopped all exercise without eating any less. I’ve always had active hobbies and a ridiculous metabolism so I was never overweight, but I had definitely gained weight during college. I’m active, but I don’t really exercise because I’m all about natural and functional fitness.

I’ve recently started to skate again just for fun. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skating. I am faster, stronger, and more energetic than I remember being even when I was skating full time as a teenager. I definitely have a lot of work to do if I want to be at my peak physical fitness, but it’s a start. I am determined to climb several mountains this year and paleo will help me get there!

The biggest change was in my mood. I’ve struggled with depression off and on for several years, last year being the worst. I have not had ANY mood swings since I started paying attention to what I put into my body as fuel. I sleep amazingly well these days. I fall asleep easily and naturally wake up at 6:30am feeling fully rested. I am incredibly happy and upbeat on a daily basis. Hunger and fatigue makes me grouchy. Eating paleo, I am rarely if ever hungry or tired.

I also used to suffer from very severe migraines. I have not had a migraine in several months. I am in perfect health.

In short, I feel AMAAAAAZING!!

So how do I know that all these changes are due to the paleo diet? When I do eat a lot of non-paleo foods several days in a row, I definitely notice a negative difference right away. I retain massive amounts of water, I feel nauseous, I get a headache, and I feel super lethargic. I just don’t feel good and all the sugary and salty foods just aren’t worth my well-being.


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