30 day paleo challenge for my little bro!

I have finally convinced my 17 year old brother to eat strictly paleo for 30 days. He is the typical processed food-addicted American teenager. He loves potatoes, pizza, fast food burgers, soda, captain crunch cereal, chips, etc. If it comes in a shiny colorful package from the grocery store or drive-thru, he loves it. But using my magical older sister powers, I have made him commit to a paleo challenge to lose weight. He is 6′ tall and started at 238lbs. Today is Day 3.

Because he is on a strict paleo diet, it basically means I am too. I am now challenged to cook delicious paleo meals with lots of variety for my picky teenaged brother. This means lots of posts about my culinary adventures and updates on his weight loss progress.


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